Thursday, December 20, 2007

Freebies from Wrong

They're giving away a Freebie a day over at Wrong and I've been fairly faithful about trotting my pretty little AV over there to pick them up this December. I normally wear a blonde/green hair, so this dark hair style is a real departure for me. It has a GREAT little hair clip in the back,the detail is really amazing and I like it a lot.Kaysha has given out some cool stuff, in fact. Here I am, head to foot Wrong with one exception. The Belt pack is Izumiya. I'm in love with the belt packs from Izumiya and not just because some are only 1 linden! Here is the detail on this belt back.

I think it's a fun little accent piece and I don't care for carrying purses in SL - they always look bizarre. But the belt packs are completely fun to wear.

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