Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And and While We're at It.......

In addition to a GREAT Modeling Contest on Vicious Island (see the post below!) we've got TWO great events currently scheduled and more to come!

First of all Tomorrow night we'll rock the house inside of Maht's Mats and Mattes with DJ nlinear pessoa spinning the tunes with a lot of great prizes to be won as always!

So tomorrow at 8pm SLT be sure to TP over to Vicious Island to party with the Vicious!

And then Feb 5 we'll be getting our Mardi Gras party in effect starting at 5am SLT with the Vicious Japan team at ExC! Alice07 Barzane will be hostess AND DJ of the 5am party! We're still finalizing the night time party but we know it will be at 8pm SLT also held inside the ExC couture store! Mardi Gras is going to be a fantastic time and we hope to see you ALL on Vicious Island for the events! Watch this space for notices - and remember you can subscribe to the blog by filling out the link on the right sidebar! You'll get all of our notices via email that way!

Vicious Model Contest!

We're running a new modeling contest at Vicious Island and if you think you've spent a good deal of lindens on a really good looking AV, this might be the contest for you!
So let me tell you about it!
We want to use the most beautiful AVs in all of the Vicious World to model for our Couture designers, however, we can't have just ANYONE doing that now can we?
We're having everyone drop Lia Trefoil a photo that includes your AV name - don't send her one that is called SNAPSHOT okay? Cuz I suspect that in our busy Vicious Schedules these sort of entries might just get lost - ahem.
You follow me?
So drop those photos in her inventory and the most beautiful will be chosen to be our Couture models. And - it gets even better.
There will be LINDENS given away to our top three models - $L1000 to the most beautiful AV, $L500 to the first runner up and $L200 to the second runner up.
Do you have what it takes? Is your AV drop dead gorgeous? If so, we want to see your photo - and give you the opportunity to win some lindens plus gain a GREAT Second Life job!
Remember - those entries to go Lia Trefoil and MAKE SURE those snaps are NOT named SNAPSHOT - give them the NAME of your AV!

A few selected photos from Flickr

I publish many of my Second Life snapshot photos on Flickr, as you can tell from my sidebar feed box; and, while following the visits made to my own stuff, I like to check out the photos taken by my competition, uh, colleagues (grin). (Okay, okay; the ego's getting swollen here....) Where I find good ones, I mark them as favorites so I can come back to them.

Many of these are too good to not share with you; and so I'm starting an irregular column called "Contact Sheet," where I'll share a few with you from time to time. Where the photographer has allowed usage (usually through Creative Commons), I'll insert a copy; otherwise, you'll find a link to his or her page on Flickr, Snapzilla, et al.


Several regions of the Grid are very much favorites of some avatars, for reasons sometimes best explained by themselves. But if you study their work, you can begin to perceive the reasons for such an appeal. One of these is Anessa Stine, who (when she isn't running Pin-Ups in Retrology) has done some time in the Wastelands. Here, in this howling wilderness of ruins, rubble and mutants, Anessa has discovered ways to capture your attention and portray beauty -- and even a smile or two. Of course, it could simply be the costume she's wearing.... (Note: for those easily offended, go rather to the kittens. This costume is radical to some sensibilities.)

Hitomi Mokusei, on the other hand, prefers the more pastoral lands of the Far Away, specifically the Wheatfield. She has a set dedicated to photos she's taken there. Examining these, I'm much reminded of the better work of Andrew Wyeth, such as Christina's World. A selection of the best (one of which I've commented on in depth):
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tous Pour UKD!

Multiple messages in multiple languages.......FIND YOURS amigos!

Salut tout le monde !! UKD a été nommé pour le prix du meilleur groupe live de SL - 'Best on SL'. Maintenant c'est à nous, LA GRANDE FAMILLE UKD, de faire en sorte que ce soit vrai !!Venez tous avec vos vos amis y participer le 26 janvier 2008.Venez voter pour le meilleur groupe live de SL !! -- UKD -- N'oubliez pas, UKD compte sur VOUS !! Javiero Flanagan

Olá Amigos! O GRUPO UKD (Conjunto que toca ao vivo no SL) foi nomeado o melhor grupo do SL, até agora!!! Vamos torná-lo verdadeiro! Venham e convidem todos seus amigos para votarem no melhor grupo ao vivo do SL “UKD”, nos dia 26 de Janeiro. Não se esqueçam, contamos com seu voto... Vote em UKD GROUP Abraços

皆さん、こんにちは!UKD は Best on SL にノミネートされました!この実現は私たち、偉大なる UKD ファミリーにかかっております!皆さん、1月26日、ご友人も誘って、Best on SL で投票してください!どうかお忘れなく、UKD は、あなたをあてにしています!

Saludos a todos!! UKD ha sidi nominado para el premio Lo mejor de SL (Best on SL )!! La ultima palabra es a nosotros, la gran FAMILIA de UKD!! Vengan todos, traigan a sus amigos tambien el dia 26 de Enero y voten por lo mejor de SL : UKD!!!! No olvides UKD cuenta CONTIGO!!

Hallo allemaal,UKD is genomineerd voor de beste muziekband op SL!!! Nu is het aan ons "UKD FAMILY" om het waar te maken. Kom allemaal, nodig je vrienden uit op 26 januari om te stemmen. Niet vergeten, UKD rekent op jullie.

Hallo zusammen!!UKD ist nominiert für den Titel "Das Beste in SL"!!!Jetzt liegt es in unserer Hand, der großen UKD Familie, dies wahr werden zu lassen!!!!Also, kommt alle am 26. Januar und voted für UKD Project für den Titel "Das Beste in SL"!!! Sagt auch allen euren Freunden bescheid!!!UKD!!! Nicht vergessen!!! UKD - wir zählen auf EUCH!!!

Second Life Events - Attending Them For a Change!

Once Upon a Time I used to shop endlessly and attend social events. At clubs (the best clubs) and at people's estates. My friend owned her own island and Second Life was a Merry Place with all the shopping and socializing that went on. As a matter of fact, the socializing DROVE the shopping - cuz you know, you need something CUTE to wear to the next event - RIGHT?

But since I've been actually working I've attended a ton of events, more than ever - yet I'm never REALLY relaxing. I'm working. After the grand opening, however, I decided to give our group members a rest - because I felt like we've BOMBARDED you for days with events, I thought you might enjoy a break from us.

And this gave me the chance to.......ATTEND some Events. Both Bizarre and Elegant.
First off THE BIZARRE, the other day I get an IM from DJ Friend Treven Zabelin saying "Come Vote for me in this Midget Contest". I have such a huge friends list that I largely neglect, (which I regret) that when I HEAR from someone, I'm fairly delighted. So I took the TP and popped over to the House of Paine (apologies to House of Paine I didn't jot down your slurl). At House of Pain - I looked like this......

I am the GIANT next all these tinies. Lol! I've never been to a tiny party - it weirds me out a bit. Here is Tiny Treven. They all have bottles which ummmm, can anyone say ummm ewww. Like is it a joke or some bizarre fetish? Terribly funny if a joke. Silly, a gag, I get it.

The music at House of Paine was rockin. I had to decline a group invite however, because due to the multitude of Vicious Language Groups my list is FULL FULL FULL. Plus - I'm not sure if they are a TINY bar in general or if this was just a goof. But I am not going Tiny any time soon - so my big six foot AV really won't fit in there if it is a Tiny club - eh?

I was amused by the pole dancers though!


And in keeping with the theme, after I voted for Treven and stayed a respectable amount of time I TPd back to Vicious Island to set out pose balls for the ballroom (yeah you heard me BALLROOM - GET YOUR GOWNS OUT!) and when I got there, Silo was already there working as the VICIOUS TOOL. And guess who SL had chosen to make a Tiny in keeping with the theme of the day?

Last night our Vicious Friends and Co-workers Maht, Cajsa and Monroe celebrated the grand opening of their NEW MDR Photo Studio located on the Sanctuary Rock Sim. So you KNOW I had to break out a pretty party dress!

I love the dress - yet it gave a whole new understanding to the need for Glitch pants when I danced. Geeez. I picked the dress up at <3>

Here is Maht and RC Janus getting their Groove on!
Other guests included Annah Decuir and Lacie Jewell. We made friends when it turned out they share my shopping addiction! Nice to meet you ladies!
As the evening wore on, Vic and Silo hunted up some tango balls for some romantic dancing - Vic has a new Bot fetish. (kidding kidding kidding)
Lia, my oldest best girlfriend SL made a visit for a while, it looked like old times.
Except that umm,Lia has a totally new AV. And thanks to the magic of dance balls, I got the opportunity to dance the night away with my robot love. Love you baby!
And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the latest addition to any social gathering worth mentioning - FURRBALL the waiter! Cigar? Cigarette? Drink? Furrball's got ya covered! Best waiter ever.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Joint Us Celebrates Grand Opening

Joint Us Threw a grand opening celebration this morning on Vicious Island. Three DJs were spinning and a pair of his and her boots were up for grabs as a prize. The place was hopping when I showed up and it looked like Pikara Peccable, the owner, had a great turnout!
JOINT US is one of the latest additions to the Vicious Island property featuring very original punk and goth items. If you haven't been by, you need to come check out, you never know when their lucky chair might have something excellent in it just for you!
Congratulations to Pikara Peccable and her group! We're so glad to have you on Vicious Island and look forward to more great events!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Soiree Blanc - White Out Party at Vicious Hypnoz

Lyly and company hosted a White Out Party with the best in white being awarded $L300! It was a great time and Lyly got a couple of fun pics from the event!
DJ Clashman was pumping in the music straight from Paris as the group rocked the night away. Thanks so much to everyone for coming and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Be sure to check out all of our photos on Flickr also!

Maht's Mats and Mattes

Our friend the Maht the Photographer from MDR studios opened an awesome shop on Vicious Island - Maht's Mats and Mattes.
It's an awesome store where he's offering a nice selection of rugs for your home. These are really high quality, and unlike your usual SL rugs these actually look like rugs, with depth to their texture. They're quite gorgeous - you NEED one!

That mosaic you see in the doorway is also for sale, it's absolutely lovely - check it out.
Maht also is featuring a great selection of his photography - I think you'll be surprised by the interesting subjects he offers up. I may have to grab the one with the rubber ducks. It's awesome.Please come check out this great new addition to Vicious Island. And say hi to Maht if you see him!

And don't forget that today at 12:30 SLT Lyly and company are hosting a White Out Party at Vicious Hypnoz. Best in White wins $L300! DJ FredG will be spinning the tunes!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Events From Sunday at Vicious Studios!

Lyly and staff held a wonderful set of events over the weekend and I've got some photos to share! She held both windsurf races as well as jet ski races for $L100 prizes! Everyone had a great time so I'm sure she'll hold them again! Watch your notices!

Capping the events at Hypnoz over the weekend was a great live concert by Mia Maxstead who performed live on stage to a large crowd! Everyone enjoyed the concert and afterwards the awards to those who found all 25 of Cajsa's scavenger hunt were raffled for $L3000 plus the 512 of land award was giving away. We'll have some more pics of that in another post as soon as I have time. That event plus the concert packed the sim! Thanks so much to everyone who attended!

Also Thursday January 24th Lyly and staff are holding a White Out Party! Best in White wins $L300! Party at Vicious Hypnoz 12:30pm SLT.
Message repeats in French.
Demain soir à partir de 21h30 (12.30 pm sl time) RDV @ Vicious-Hypnoz pour une super soirée. Au programme : Soirée blanche avec Contest 300l$ à gagner. DJ FREDG mettra le feu aux platines ! Alors pointez vous tous habillés de blanc et venez gagner 300l$

As promised I've got all our pictures on flickr which you can find HERE!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

American Idol Party - Another Recap

Thanks to Harper, because without her excellent post we'd have been VERY tardy getting pics up from our ROCKING American Idol Party.
Okay, it was a silly theme, and I'm STILL Threatening to do my bad demo hair party but NONETHELESS let's take a look at what a great time we all had!

First off, I'd like to take a moment to introduce Peter Sliter, pictured in black to the left to you all. Peter stopped in and said hello at the beginning of the party. He's a talented musician from Portugal who will be gracing us with live performances on a regular basis. I'll be putting out notices like MAD as to when it'll be so keep your eyes open, you won't want to miss it.

And if you think Peter looks like he might not be a new comer after all, that in fact he looks rather VICIOUS well you'd be right....he's returned to the Vicious Fold after a short exile that we'll NOT DISCUSS, lol - RIGHT VIC!?!

We were so glad to see our old friends and meet some new ones! In this pic to the right, you see our Vicious Artist friend Phrost Whiteberry of the Garr Bauge Studio located on Vicious Island, and our New Vicious Friend Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe is a new player who has just started hanging out with the Vicious! We were glad to see him, and his AV improvements continue to impress. Sutcliffe has been doing a rather impressive job of sorting the wheat from the chaffe of the standard issue clothes. Nice work! I've seena lot dorkier looking folks who have been playing a lot longer!

We had DJRobyn Writer playing the tunes and the party was graced by our new Friend and Guest Blogger Harper Gainesvoort. Thanks so much for coming, and rocking out with us. I am not sure that Simon and crew would pass you on with this outfit but as far as I'm concerned you looked completely smashing! Total rock star! That's me with Harper....I'm the one who isn't made of metal! Harper's outfit makes me think of Gwar, if they weren't hideous and revolting.

We also met new friend Qu Nightfire, who came with Phrost. She's been hanging out around the Vicious Island a bit lately so we were glad she joined us! The more the merrier. She won a waterfall from the raffle ball, which acted up and promptly ate it. Then when I went to SLX today the damn thing wasn't on there. Don't worry Qu, though, I'll find you one! Promise! If I can't find the one that was originally in the ball, I'll get you one from SOMEWHERE!

I'm very resourceful.

Also joingin us were Skylar Pinazzo and Darkstone Carver who seemed really to not be paying too much attention to the rest of us. We may have to open a rental skybox for the lover - just kidding you two. It was great to see you and thanks for coming!

This was the first time I solicited pics from my guests. I wasn't sure how the experiment would go, but between managing the mall and the events, blogging, doing notices, etc etc etc etc and all the other crap that comes with full sim mgmt I'm sort of overwhelmed sometimes. And I know you can't even believe this but I actually have a real life too! So I solicited and MAN I got some great pics, which I will include! Thanks to Arcadia and Rhodesy for emailing them to me. Jadessa sent me some too but they didn't come through properly - so Jadessa please resend them okay doll?

Silo arrived in his usual flourish and guess what - instead of his usual AV he chose to wear a brain in a jar for his head. Nice look baby! SUPER HOT!

Some other great pics from the night.......our DJ Friend Treven Zabelin stopped by and instead of
dancing the night away decided to try out some of the free sports available on Vicious Island. He landed in the middle of the dance floor courtesy of the free skydiving you can find from ANY teleport pad on Vicious Island. If you haven't tried this, check it out. It's a lot of fun, and very peaceful, I really like it. And it's a fun way to crash into random people dancing at a party!

Also new at the party was our new aquarium dance floor which holds my pet shark Ralph. Never fear, Ralph only bites my enemies.

Ralph will be joined by some other fish if Vic ever bothers to put them in there. Don't worry Ralph baby, mommy will buy you some more friends if he forgets!

When Vic finally showed up (late as always, good grief he acts like HE has a real life or something!)

he added his usual aplomb to the party by shooting at everyone. Or maybe I should say, more accurately, shooting NEAR everyone. That's Arvid Xeno the human torch, she handles the Vicious Netherlands group. She's HAWT!

Notice I've got my gun out down below in the group shot - I'm not getting orbitted without a fight! And now, for my FAVORITE Guest Provided pic, it's this one with Rhodesy and Arcadia dancing with Harper! You can see me, Silo and Caja (in blue) in the background. Great job Rhodesy - you win the $L100 for the coolest guest contributed photo!

There were lots of other GREAT pics from Acardia and Rhodesy, plus the ones from Jadessa that didn't come through but because I'm SOOO late getting this post out - I'm going to let you all know that they'll be on our FLICKR stream! So come check them out!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday Night Costume Party at Vicious

As part of their Grand Opening festivities, the Vicious Ones threw another party Saturday night, themed "Come Dressed for an American Idol Appearance." Fortunately, we weren't asked to sing (even if I had a decent voice anymore, I have a head cold now in RL)! Any road, while I couldn't make the other activities so far this weekend, I was able to make it to this one, and in I came.

(You can click on the pictures for slightly larger versions; I held the size down even then as a courtesy to the blog's true owners.)

I'll admit that I took a rather broad view of how my costume should look, but I wasn't the only one (grin). I just love this silver top and shorts I picked up in Canada in SL; to it I added the Omayrah hairstyle from Sinsation (Hairspray region), diamond-studded snakeskin boots, and a dark silver skin from chroma.

We had about 20-30 Residents present and getting down to a fantastic beat, provided by our nights song-spinner, DJRobyn Writer. She looked as fantastic as her DJ work was, and I voted for her in the best-dressed woman contest. She didn't win that, but she did clean up several times on the two sweepstake balls the Vicious Ones provided -- including snagging some of the really good swag (mock growl). I can't complain, though; I got my own share, including a nifty bicycle blimp!

Some other photos:

That's a close-up of me with a katana on my belt. Vic, the sim's owner, likes guns; in fact, he really likes guns. He was most polite, and didn't shoot anybody; but, as the bullets started flying over the broad way (grin), I figured I needed something to deflect the occasional stray ricochet (grin).

Oh, the contest! When the voting came in, there was a three-way tie for first: Arcadia Nightfire, one of the Durants (I can't remember which right now; please help, Gidge!)...and myself! I knew this was a good costume!! Take that, Simon Cowell. And congratulations to my co-winners, along with thanks to the Academy for this great honor....

(For once, this was not cross-posted from Around the Grid with Harper!)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Ball Gown Party Recap

The Ball Gown party was held on Friday night at 8pm SLT. We had DJ nlinear pessoa at the helm spinning the tunes and some of the best dressed AVs in all of Second Life I tell you! To celebrate the Grand Opening of Vicious Island, we raffled off gift certificates to Indyra, Loks Low Prim, Coconut Ice and our NEWEST shop on Vicious Island - Zibware. Maht gave us some items for the raffle from his new shop Maht's Mats and Mattes and as always Cajsa and I loaded up the raffle balls with a TON of premium prizes for our guests. (Cajsa is in White - I am in pink).
I think that AVs love to break out their ballgowns, it never fails that if you have something lovely ballgown themed you get good attendance - why is that? Do we all secretly long to have prom dresses on every day? I don't know - but I do know that my own personal ball gown collection is excessive. And I LOVE to wear them. We might do MORE of these.
Dominata Iwish joined us in a lovely burgundy gown! Thanks for coming out Dominata!

I think everyone had a great time - everyone looked great. It was a really fun night and we even had some guests from our Vicious Japan group who normally don't make it to the night time events because of the time difference. Also joining us was Tiana Markova who looked great in the pink hair!

The Vicious danced the night away and unfortunately I had to break out a gun because Vic would NOT stop shooting the guests. Silo just whaps people with his Cane if they get out of line.
Which also works.

It was great to see Rhodesy and Arcadia as always thanks for coming out girls! Plus we had some new comers - Sutcliffe is a new player who joined us. Maht looked marvelous in his tux as always and as usual he provided an inworld spellchecker for us all.
Or course he's in danger of getting orbited if he catches me on the wrong day....

And now - some more party pics. Who can find Furrball?