Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vicious Studios Hosts TWO New Year's Celebrations

The First Party starts today at 12pm SLT at Vicious Hypnoz! Bring in the New Year in Style with Lyly and her team at their formal year end party. There will be sploders and raffles for over $L1000 so please come by if you are able - it is going to be a great party!

If you are looking for something formal to wear at a reasonable price, be sure to check out our Vicious Designers. Olya Lowey at ExC has some particularly sweet gowns that would be perfect for semi-formal or formal occasions.

This is MIYA by ExC Designer Olya. I picked it up to wear for our Grand Opening of Vicious Studios event we held several months ago. It's got a lovely shimmer to it and really is quite flattering and feminine - with a dramatic modern line. It's a great piece to wear to a formal event, such as.......
The NEW YEARS EVE BLACK AND WHITE BALL that Casja and I will be hosting on New Years Eve. At 8:30pm we'll start the formal black and white ball with DJ Zavijava Voom playing tunes. As a special New Years Eve treat we'll have TWO raffle balls going with lots of great prizes in them.
Additionally this event will be where we choose our NEXT Fashionista of the Week! If you are interested in attending and being a Vicious Model this is your opportunity to come check it out!
I have it on reliable authority that Dick Clark will be making an appearance at this party, so I hope to see you there. After all, you know that Dick Clark only attends the premier events!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Last Christmas Party - and the $L4000 Prize for the Scavenger Hunt!

Cajsa hosted an awesome party Sunday night with DJ Desertwolf Longstaff as our special guest DJ. The winner of the $L4000 was Faya Boa - but congratulations to ALL of our searchers, you guys who found all 25 boxes really worked for it hard!

Thanks to DW and his partner Elinor for helping make our party such a success!

We had great attendance and really enjoyed seeing everyone at the party! I'll leave you with some party pictures (check out Rhodesy's cool hair!)

And as always, I leave you with a shot of me and Silo.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Vicious Christmas Party - ALMOST the Last One

We held our Vicious Christmas party last night in the couryard outside Vicious Fairy and thanks to every one who came - we filled the sim! It was a great night and we met some new friends like Tiana Markova (pictured in purple) and Furrball Nirpaw (I think you can tell who he is). We had a great time as always and gave away $L500 to the best Christmas outfit for male and female, $L1000 in prizes!

Everyone looked spectacular! DJRobyn Writer came and spun tunes for us as we danced the night away! There were lots of fun prizes given away all night, including artwork by Phrost Whiteberry (who also won the Best Female Costume) and from MDR Studios a great print! Congrats to Maht Wuys who won best male costume. Of course the night wasn't complete until Vic showed up to start shooting things, and the Queen of Spain showed up and passed out on the floor.

Thanks to everyone who came. Here you see DjRobyn in her little red number - looking good Robyn!
Don't forget that we are still having our scavenger hunt. It's worth $L4000 so it's not easy as Cajsa said. There are 25 boxes hidden all around our Vicious Studios, Vicious Men, Vicious Photo, Vicious Hypnoz, Vicious Fairy, Shameless, Exc, plus Vicious Kitty which is NOT in Lampir! Everyone who finds all 25 boxes needs to be at Vicious at 5pm SLT today for the drawing for the linden!
Good luck!
As always, a pic of me and Silo dancing the night away.
(Like my outfit? Barbie Princess freebie plus a skirt from WRONG!)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas From Vicious Studios

Here is a little eCard from all of us, to you.

Grey Suyo at ExC Designs in Lampir

Grey Suyo is just one of the many beautiful ensembles available to you from ExC designs in Lampir. Designer Olya Lowey creates beautiful pieces from Fantasy to evening gown. Many of her items are available in a variety of colors letting you choose which one best suits your style.
Here I am wearing one of the combinations of Grey Suyo.
This outfit has alternate tops and skirts included so you can choose exactly which look best suits you. The detail on the belt is really quite good and it has an elegant, put-together style that I really like.
While you are out there scavenger hunting this weekend, please be sure to look around in the shops. ExC is offering many lovely items that would be a great addition to your wardrobe.
And good luck on the Scavenger Hunt. Who is going to win that 4000 Lindens? I hope it is you!
Don't forget we're having a Christmas party tonight at 8pm!! Come over to Vicious Fairy for the fun, we'll be giving away lots of great Christmas gifts and having a fun time as always.
On the 23rd at 5am SLT there will be a Christmas Party at Peppermint Blue where we will select our NEXT Vicious Fashionista!
And at 8pm SLT Sunday the 23rd........DRUMROLL PLEASE........we will raffle the 4000 Linden!!!

It's a very Vicious Party Weekend! You better be there, and wear something CUTE!

Friday, December 21, 2007

More Treasure Hunting All Night and All Day Tomorrow!

Cajsa and I are so excited to see all of you scurrying around Lampir at all the Vicious Locations searching for those boxes. Don't forget to look for ALL of our locations in SEARCH! Just search the word VICIOUS! This way, you'll be sure to get over to Vicious Kitty and there is probably a very good reason to go over there nudge nudge know what I mean?

I've hidden some WRONG merchandise and set it for sale to FREE - but it's first come first serve. Whomever buys it for zero gets the only one - so get looking!

And Trinity has set one of her items for sale to Zero......Can you find it?

Cajsa and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 8PM slt for our Christmas party, and Sunday 8pm SLT for the big cash WILL have found all 25 boxes by then, won't you?
And sometimes in pictures.....there is a hint.

Keep hunting! The boxes are out there!

The prize is big - $L4000 - so the contest is tough. You can see me plotting tricky places to hid the boxes in the picture on the right. You really have to hunt to find all 25, but that means your odds in the raffle will be higher if you do find them all. And you can do it -- 2 folks have already found all 25 and are officially entered in the raffle. can be done, just hunt, hunt and hunt some more.

To make it more interesting, Trinity @ Shameless has added a treasure hunt of her own by marking one of her outfits down to 0L. Just hunt for it while you are out and about and get yourself a great outfit.

Huge Scavenger Hunt is ON At Vicious! $L4000 Prize

There is nothing we like better at Vicious than to celebrate something. Sometimes we celebrate nothing at all, just our general joy of being with our friends. But since we have moved all of Vicious Studios to the sky AND it's Christmas we knew we had to do SOMETHING big to celebrate.
So we sat around and thought about it.
And then CASJA (that's not Cajsa in the pic with me, it was just the only sitting around pic I had lol) had a great idea, she suggested that we have a Scavenger Hunt - this time for a BIG cash prize! And then I remembered that we were going to do an end of year TREASURE hunt too........soooooo......
We decided to launch our holiday weekend starting with a Scavenger Hunt.
Here is how it works, we've hidden 25 boxes through Vicious for you to find. You need to find ALL 25 of them. They are located all throughout our location at lampir PLUS at Vicious Kitty in Payens. So be sure to go into ALL of our buildings at Lampir.
At 5pm SLT on Sunday the 23rd you'll have to be prepared to show Casja the boxes....
everyone who finds all 25 will be entered into the raffle to win $L4000!!! Not really too tough for a great prize eh?

Other BIG events this weekend, our Vicious Model Search resumes at Alice's bar Peppermint Blue at 5am SLT during her Christmas Party! If you'd like to be a Vicious Fashionista of the week this is your BIG chance to start your modeling career or just add to your portfolio working with professional photographers. Fashionista of the week gets to keep all of the clothes she models, not a bad gig!

Also launching SUNDAY night will be our treasure hunt - where you will earn LINDENS for finding treasure chests! Details to come.

Our other BIG event this Saturday night will be our Christmas Party (our last? Who knows) at Vicious Fairy with DJRobyn Writer and as always lots of awesome prizes and who knows, there might be some BareRose, some WRONG, Some Coconut Ice - you never KNOW WHAT sort of great pieces you will find in our raffle. So please come out and enjoy - there might even be a contest for KNOW how we are! We like a good party!

Todays Fashion~~shameless basic man set~~

Vicious Fairy日本地域担当のAliceです^^

本日ご紹介する商品は、Trinityが展開するshamelessシリーズより、「shameless basic man set」です。




本日ご紹介した、「shameless basic man set」は100L$にて販売中!
取り扱いは、Vicious Stadio内にあるShameless3階または、Shameless Main Storeとなっております。

Shameless Lampir
Shameless Central Shop

Vicious Japan
Alice07 Barzane

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Freebies from Wrong

They're giving away a Freebie a day over at Wrong and I've been fairly faithful about trotting my pretty little AV over there to pick them up this December. I normally wear a blonde/green hair, so this dark hair style is a real departure for me. It has a GREAT little hair clip in the back,the detail is really amazing and I like it a lot.Kaysha has given out some cool stuff, in fact. Here I am, head to foot Wrong with one exception. The Belt pack is Izumiya. I'm in love with the belt packs from Izumiya and not just because some are only 1 linden! Here is the detail on this belt back.

I think it's a fun little accent piece and I don't care for carrying purses in SL - they always look bizarre. But the belt packs are completely fun to wear.

Todays Fashion~~Zenith Belt + Tai~~

Vicious Fairy日本地域担当のAliceです^^

本日ご紹介する商品は、Miffyhoiが展開するZenithシリーズより、「Belt + Tai」です。

カラーは、「Black」と「Dark Brown」の2色が用意されています。
私は「Dark Brown」を付けてみました。




取り扱いは、Vicious KITTYまたは、Vicious Fairyにて販売中です。

Vicious Fairy
Vicious KITTY

Vicious Japan
Alice07 Barzane

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gidge and Silo's Holiday Party

Silo and I hosted our Holiday Party at Wang Manor on the 14th. Thanks to everyone who came and spent a fun evening with us! Silo went to a great deal of trouble creating a Winter Wonderland at our estate in Quiricosta.

But the real fantastic addition to the property was what is possibly the biggest Snow Globe in all of Second Life. It was INSIDE this that we actually held the party! Here is a shot from early in the night!

Everyone looked fantastic in their finest formal holiday wear! I chose to wear a holiday gown from DeGroot (DG) - you can find them in search - I forgot to pick up their landmark out of my inventory and dammit SL is down right now.
Here are some snaps from the party!

Again Silo and I thank everyone who attended and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Todays Fashion~~Shameless 1988 blue girl set~~

Vicious Fairy日本地域担当のAliceです^^

Vicious Stadioには、Vicious Mallを中心として、いくつかのクリエイターさんが運営しているショップがあります。
商品名は「Shameless 1988 blue girl set」。




取り扱いは、Vicious Stadio内にあるShameless3階または、Shameless Main Storeとなっております。

Shameless Lampir
Shameless Central Shop

Vicious Japan
Alice07 Barzane