Saturday, December 15, 2007

The New Fashionista of the Week - Janey Bulloch

We held a party on Wednesday in the skies over Lampir to test the lag (lag in Lampir has become intolerable) and to elect our NEW Fashionista of the Week! The Party theme was Christmas in Heaven and as you can see, everyone came decked out in their Holiday Finest.

DJRobyn Writer was back with us after her SL Hiatus and we were all so glad to have her back. It's great to have a reliable DJ who has a super selection and challenges her audience to STUMP her, we all really enjoy when she DJs for us.

The skies over Lampir remained mostly lag free most of the night and a very nice time was had by all. Our Inaugural Fashionista of the week Lorelei Maggs attended and was resplendent in her blue holiday outfit, don't you think?
She danced the night away with Maht while the rest of us cut a rug on our own!

I wore a dress from Bare Rose that was worth every penny I paid for it. I'm tempted to say it was only $L25 but it might have been $L75, I can't remember. I bought every holiday outfit they HAD that day. That's me in the BIG skirt (you can see better detail in a couple of posts previous to this one, with me and Lyly preparing for this party.) If you look at the photo of Cajas below, you can see she's wearing a really cute white winter piece from Olya at ExC designs at Lampir. This piece is part of the Candy collection and is exclusively available from Olya!

At the end of the night we voted for our new FASHIONISTA of the WEEK and congratulations are in order for JANEY BULLOCH who was voted our New Fashionista of the week! Look for Janey's modeling work in the Vicious Fairy store in the coming week. And if you are interested in being the next Vicious Model, remember that we will hold our next contest at Alice's bar Peppermint Blue at her event on the 23rd.

Congratulations Janey Bulloch!

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