Friday, February 29, 2008

Fairy Ball Tonight

Vicious Murder Mystery - First Suspect and Some Clues!

Our First Suspect in the Grisly Murder of one Vicente Bolero is none other than Gidge Uriza.

Of course, you know Gidge as the longstanding Vicious Friend, tried and true and always loyal to Vic and ready to defend Vicious at any turn. What you might not know is that Gidge has already killed.

Out of loyalty to Vic, she hunted down Queen, after she and Vic had such a bitter breakup, and killed her with her own hands. As Queen and Gidge were best SL friends, Gidge had even lived with Queen once - this violent outburst was very unexpected. She also showed herself to be remarkably STRONG......who knew?

What you may not have known is that both Gidge and Vic have been locked in a bitter mutual blackmail over the past year. Gidge blackmailing Vic after having learned his penchant for wedding gowns during a photoshoot she was doing for the original Vicious Mall.

Vic was in turn blackmailing Gidge after snapping some pics of her and Lia Trefoil in a comprimising position on his Girl-Girl bed in his not so secret skybox.
Did Gidge finally snap and want out of Vic's endless demands to move buildings and drive traffic, all the while threatening to out her secret lesbian habits if she dared disagree?

Continue to watch this blog for more hints - the Murder Mystery party will be on Tuesday night! We'll have clues hidden around the island, clues on Twitter, clues on Snapzilla (search Gidge Uriza or Vicious Murder Mystery) over this weekend. Whomever discovers the killer will win $L1000. In the event of MORE than once person discovering the winner - we'll have a drawing.


Si mis kekos bellos, manana sabado 1ero de marzo a las 4.00pm slt tendremos la Megarumba nunca antes vista en SL... Ponte tu Bikini porq estara en los controles nuestro DJ Quepazza y la musica que pondra nos hara entrar en calorrrrrr...jajajajaj te aseguro en un 200% que la pasaras genial porq tendremos muchas seas curios@ y ven asi lo compruebas con tus propios ojos.... los espero y juntos pasaremos la velada mas hermosa de todo SL....mmuuaacckkkksssss


Hola mis kekos bellos.... ni me pregunten como pero ayer la pasamos buenisimo....sin hacer evento ni nada pasamos un rato super agradable en compania de Chato, Quepa, Marycoco, Yepayas, Eleonora, Denim, Bartolo, esta servidora Preciosa y muchos kekos masss....

Estuvimos bailando y hablando de todo un verdad que mientras haciamos camp la pasamos genial...y es que es asi de simple en hay rollos....somos espontaneos....puedes venir y comprobarlo por ti mismo...besitos mis kekos bellossssss

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Murder Mystery Tuesday

Tuesday is officially Sherlock Holmes Day - not just @ Vicious but in RL as well. So Gidge decided a murder is just the thing. Who will get will have to come to Vicious to find out. But while shooting the photo, I saw several murderous traps set off by Vicente Bolero who was first shot by an arrow, electrocuted, buried under a landslide of falling rocks and drowned in quicksand....all in about 5 minutes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hola mis kekos bellos... les cuento que el Debut de Los Purgosos fue todo un exito... la sim de toda la Isla Vicious estaba completa... algo nunca antes visto... muchas gracias a todos por haber compartido con nosotros este momento magico y lleno de felicidad y diversion... un especial agradecimiento a los miembros del grupo Los Purgosos Gamba, Eli Zirtaeb, Ydyam, Yepayas y Cintia... por el gran trabajo realizado... besitos kekos bellos lo hicieron muy bien... estoy orgullosa de ustedes... y que te puedo decir a ti DJ Goodlife te portastes a la altura...tus canciones fueron lo maximo... tu eres lo maximo...has estado genial... tb estoy muy orgullosa de ti....

Tambien quiero darle las gracias a todos los que nos apoyaron en este evento y en todos los eventos: Eleonora, Dilan, Lucia100, Akistoy, Cool, Leia, Yaz, DJ Quepazza, Merit, Boran, Socrate, Elija, Kyllian, Coraille, Arvid, Leocadio, Maricoco, Cool y muchisimos mas que ahora no me vienen a la mente... muchas gracias a todos...un beso mis kekos bellos... se le quiere mucho

Mas Fotos del Debut de L@S PURGOS@S

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Prim Lag -- Or Just Too Many Bodies?

I'm gradually getting over the latest virus -- last week it was the stomach, this week the sinuses. While I'm doing that, I'll catch up with an issue that was generating bytes of excitement a week or so back.

That's a spate of recent requests by some models and designers for avatars attending fashion shows to strip themselves of "unneeded" AOs and attachments, so as to lessen the load on the server handling the event. The concept here is that, with all those attachments needing to be monitored and tracked by the sim server, it puts added strain on the technology. Higher strain, more lag, and jittery models trooping down the runway. Brace Coral published points that, while gently stated, amounted to a manifesto in her LiveJournal a few weeks ago (thanks, Hamlet Au!).

However, longtime Resident Gwyneth Llewelyn offers a polite rebuttal to this in her own blog. The upshot of her argument is that the technology has advanced beyond where attachments and prim hair have much effect on the quality of the "environment." Read the article carefully, and the comments that follow. Though there are some dissenters in those comments, I think Gwyn's contention has some merit. The Almighty knows that, any road you go, the first factor influencing lag will be the population density in a given sim. As example, take two places at the extremes of the prim battle, but with heavy populations for given programs: Frank's Place on a good night, or Science Friday on Friday afternoons, when Ira Flatow (Ira Flatley in-world) runs an edition of the popular NPR program.

Any time of the day is busy for Frank's, but the night is particularly laggy, because they average around 65-70 Residents attending, dancing together or just standing about and grooving to the great Rat Pack jazz. The lag goes even higher on nights when the house DJs are spinning music live. Moving across the floor is interesting, especially in the big ball skirts and hair favored by most women at clubs like this. (The same goes for clubs such as Cloud Nine, Casablanca Lounge, etc.)

Alternatively, Science Friday attracts some 40-60 people every Friday afternoon to lurch around and look for chairs, so they can participate at a remove in the discussion. As a rule, most people attending aren't wearing vast amounts of junk, aside maybe from blingtards and the occasional dragon or other large avatar. Yet the region is as slow as one of the formal clubs.

(Curiously, I've attended three parties thrown by Vicious Studios so far, at least in part, and the lag has never been incredibly intense, despite all the movement of dancing bodies and flicking prim hair and the intense use of dance scripts. Then again, the body load doesn't usually exceed 30 at one of these parties, I believe. That would seem to support the contention that it's population load, not prim load, that is causing lag fits.)

Is lag with us to stay? Yes, for at least as long as current processor technology can't keep up with the demand on it to track individual avatars. But I don't think we have to strip down to our virtual skivvies to do anything popular yet. (Although doing so might make the parties thrown by the Vicious Ones really great, instead of just plain great [grin]!) And things can be done on the client side to help it along: set your draw distance to no higher than 96 for duration; upgrade your hardware if you can afford it, various other items. Give these some thought; and, in the meantime, grin and bear it (grin).

Tonight at Hypnoz - Orange You Glad It's Tuesday?

Beach's Party @ Vicious-Hypnoz

Haremos una Fiesta en bañadores mis kekos bellos....ya les dire la fecha... te pondras tu bikini o banador y disfrutaras de una rumba con nosotros de la mejor fiesta....tendremos en los controles a nuestro DJ QUEPAZZA....el mejor en musica caliente....tenemos muchas sorpresas.... concursos y sorpresas para todos los presentes...esta fiesta estara que arde...como todas nuestras fiestas... vendras a disfrutar con nosotros....y no te arrepentiras....besitos kekos bellos....mmuuaacckkksss

Beach's Party in swimsuits my beautiful kekos .... i will tell u what day... wil put on your bikini or swimsuits and will come to enjoy us the best party .... we will have in the controls DJ QUEPAZZA .... the best in warm music .... we have many surprises .... contest and many prizes.... this party will be burns ... will come to enjoy with us .... and tell your friends .... besitos kekos beautiful .... mmuuaacckkksss

Gothic Fashionista

At the end of a long hard day there is nothing like a shopping spree to lighten a girl's mood . . . Well, okay, maybe multiple orgasms are better (or dark chocolate--especially if it is smeared on a tasty man--which, of course, can lead to the MOs), but serious shopping is the next best thing. So when I heard about the new clothing line a certain tasty man has been building I just had to go buy a new dress.When I saw it I knew I needed two! One in each color. The dress, by Bird of Prey, is called "Choir"--all slinky black with a gorgeous Celtic cross in scarlet or ivory on the mandarin-collared bodice, on panels of the prim skirt, and on the gauntlet-cuffed gloves. I'm wearing it here with my thigh-high black boots by DE Designs, and the Mata Hari bracelet by Random Calliope. The hair is "Amber" by Callico Creations, in both sunkissed and golden versions of blonde. You can find Bird of Prey shops in the vendor areas of Blue Noise and Bloodforge dance clubs.

Now all I need is a TP to the nearest "Best in Gothic" contest . . . So who wants to take me dancing?
originally posted on Diary of a Second Life Courtesan by Tsai Jie

Reflexiones de una Keka

Hola mis kekos bellos…me ha dado por escribir ahora… jajajaj…lo que pasa es que ayer estuve conversando con un keko amigo que esta un poco desanimado… y me gustaría dedicarle este articulo… pasa que debemos tener siempre presente que sl es un juego… y en tus manos esta que este juego lo ganes o lo pierdas… la ventaja de este juego es que aquí tu decides si eres feliz o no… cosa que en nuestro rl a veces es un poco difícil… fíjate que gracias a ese concurso tu y yo ahora somos amigos… nos conocíamos de mucho antes pero no habíamos entablado ningún tipo de conversación… eso es ganar… no dudo ni por un instante que le has puesto mucho empeño… y eso muchos lo valoramos…así que ánimos y a seguir rumbeando keko bello…
Y adivinen… ayer tb resucitaron dos muertos… jajajaj…. si y eso me da muchísima alegría… Bienvenido Dilan Benelli me alegra que estés de nuevo con la familia vicious y bienvenido Quepazza Ballinger que estuvo de vacaciones y ayer regreso….por cierto que Quepa es Dj de Vicious y ya estamos programando hacer una fiesta... ya les avisare de ello…

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Debut de L@S PURGOS@S en Vicious-Hypnoz

Si mis kekos bellos... este martes 26 de febrero a las 1.00pm SLT en Vicious - Hypnoz... tendremos el Debut del Grupo L@S PURGOS@S, el mejor grupo de bailarines de todo SL...veras que te divertiras muchisimo... sera una noche sexy... ponte tu ropa mas sexy y ven a concursar por 1000 L$ al mejor traje sexy... y no solo eso mis kekos bellos sino que tambien estara en los controles nuestro querido DJ GOODLIFE... sera una noche espectacular... como todas nuestras noches....
L@S PURGOS@S nos deslumbraran con sus bailes... y su manera tan original de divertirse.... se repartiran muchisimos premios a todos nuestros invitados..... tu eres nuestro invitado especial.... TE ESTAREMOS ESPERANDO.... BESITOS KEKOS BELLOS..... MMMUUUAACCKKKSSSS

My beautiful kekos ... this Tuesday, on 26th of February at 1.00pm SLT in Vicious - Hypnoz ... we will have the Début of the Group L@S PURGOS@S, the best group of dancers in SL ... you will enjoin very much ... it will be a sexy night ... wear your best sexy clothes and come to win the contest for 1000 L$ ... and also there will be in the controls our darling DJ GOODLIFE ... it will be a spectacular night ... as all our nights.... We will wait for u…
Besitos Kekos Bellos… mmuuuaacckkksss

Fairy Ball on Saturday @ Vicious-Hypnoz

Orange You Glad It's Tuesday?

Art Appreciation Night - We <3 Art!

We held our Art Appreciation Night at Vicious Hypnoz and it was great to see how everyone came dressed. The contest was to come as a work of art or your favorite artist for $L500! Xena won and I didn't end up with a pic of her so if you have one, please forward it to me

Our new Vicious Assistant Lauren Mureaux tried out her raffle ball for a while, just to get the swing of it so for a while we had THREE yes THREE raffle balls going. We had a lot of fun announcing that we had a lot of balls.

We challenged everyone a bit with this one because unlike a regular theme party, the theme was simply ART - so you were only limited by your imagination. Sable came as her own work of modern art. I think she looked pretty great!
Of course the question is.....would you hang her on your wall?
Kidding kidding kidding!
Also rocking the great look was Qu Nightfire!

Furrball showed up in a gown he'd won at another event - his own special sort of work of art. Furrball lounged on the piano like a drunk chanteuse. Which is a hilarious animation. I will have to give it a try.

You probably noticed by now that we've moved Hypnoz up to Death Hill (Vic did you rename Death Hill BTW?) an we have done a lot of remodeling inside. I think over the next few weeks you're going to find Hypnoz a lot more romantic for couples, we're in the process of revamping the entire theme there.

Cajsa came in what I THINK was Waterlilies by Monet (I had had a few by the time I asked her but that seems right). It was a beautiful dress regardless.

I was one of the ladies in the famous Seurat pointellism and Silo rocked a Statue AV, it was excellent!

As always we loved seeing everyone and now I have to decide what we're going to do on Tuesday.....there will be SOMETHING on Tuesday night though! So watch your notices!
As always - some great releases from Trinity at Shameless.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Art Appreciation Night and New Releases

Two Contests going on RIGHT NOW on Vicious Island! Buy anything at either Garr Bauge Art Studio or Second Sight and you'll be entered into a contest for $L250! So get down there and check out what they've got to offer!

Plus tonight at Vicious Hypnoz Cajsa is hosting Art Appreciation Night - come as your favorite Artist or Work of art (or represent them some how) and you can enter to win $L500!

We've also got some great new releases at SHAMELESS!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mas Fotos de la Pijamada / More Photos of Pajama's Party

Goodlife nuestro Dj en español.... ha demostrado ser un gran profesional y un gran amigo para la familia vicious...
Me encanta que trabajemos juntos... porq juntos hacemos un gran equipo....
Creo que la vida cruzo nuestros caminos.... para tener un SL especial y feliz...Muchas gracias por ser y estar...