Friday, December 21, 2007

More Treasure Hunting All Night and All Day Tomorrow!

Cajsa and I are so excited to see all of you scurrying around Lampir at all the Vicious Locations searching for those boxes. Don't forget to look for ALL of our locations in SEARCH! Just search the word VICIOUS! This way, you'll be sure to get over to Vicious Kitty and there is probably a very good reason to go over there nudge nudge know what I mean?

I've hidden some WRONG merchandise and set it for sale to FREE - but it's first come first serve. Whomever buys it for zero gets the only one - so get looking!

And Trinity has set one of her items for sale to Zero......Can you find it?

Cajsa and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 8PM slt for our Christmas party, and Sunday 8pm SLT for the big cash WILL have found all 25 boxes by then, won't you?
And sometimes in pictures.....there is a hint.

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