Tuesday, April 29, 2008


On Wednesday, April 30th at 1.00pm SLT in Vicious-Hypnoz we will have do Cowboy-girl’s party as like a style of west ... In the controls DJ Quepazza lives ... Costume Contest for 500L$ and the Ball Raffle 100 L$ every 15 minutes... So put on your hat and boots and here we will give you the horse ... and come to enjoy with us the best party… We will wait for you… In the entry of Vicious-Hypnoz we will put a box with a cowboy-girl suit.

El miércoles 30 de Abril a las 1.00pm SLT en Vicious-Hypnoz... haremos fiesta de vaqueros al estilo del oeste... en los controles DJ Quepazaa en vivo... Concurso al mejor traje de vaqueros por 500L$ y la Bola Raffle 100 L$ cada 15 minutos... Así que ponte tu sombrero y tus botas y aqui te damos el caballo... y vamos a disfrutar de esta gran mega rumba… En la entrada de la disco pondremos una caja con un traje de vaqueros para ti… te esperamos…

Monday, April 28, 2008

Still Looking for Help for Sinnocent!

Sinnocent Mirabeau, whose real life medical problems with her dog I wrote about last week, has told me that the surgery has been scheduled for this week. However, she's still some $300 short for the veterinary costs. And we're talking real New-nited States Dollars here, folks, not linden dollars. Sinnocent is still running her BOGO sale at Sinsation (I finally got the acronym right), and I urge you to take advantage of it. If you click on through to my home blog, Around the Grid, you can see me modeling my own likes from the Sinsation collection. (Sorry I can't post the gallery here, but wordpress.com uses a microcode tag that doesn't work in Blogger/Blogspot.) These photos won't be pretty; more quick and dirty, as I want to complete it and help her; but if it helps get her that last $300, it'll be worth the artistic sacrifice [grin].)

As a sweetener to the pot, send me a picture of you in some of your new Sinsation hair in front of the poster at the Sinsation store, and I'll send you my current package of prints from Harper's Fine Art. That's 21 framed pieces of art, at least a L$2,000 value -- for free. Can't beat that, folks; you'll be doing well, you'll be doing good, and so will Sinnocent and myself! Come on, and give the lady a hand!!

Harper's signature

New Hair - Both Free and Not!

Cajsa sent me a note that if you joined Speerit's Group right now, all their hair, including the Fatpacks are free. You know I ran over there and picked some up immediately.
I really like the "Elise" Style for practical wear, I did get the fatpack of both natural and wacky colors. Paired with this freebie from Nicky Ree I got at FatCats a million years ago, it's a nice combo I think.
I also picked up Rapunzel just because it's really fun hair, but added bonus was that in the store there was ALSO a couple of freebie gowns! Here I am wearing Rapunzel with one of the evening gowns.

Apparently wearing so much hair makes it impossible for my eyes to stay open.

I took this picture about 5 times and my eyes kept closing, so I gave up.

The braids are really nice detail, though, and the hair is a fun addition. I'm not sure WHAT I will do with it.

The evening gown, on the other hand, I will wear someplace for sure. It's a lovely color and wears very well on the old cartoon body.

Is there such a thing as too many evening gowns?


Before I left the house to go find adventure I changed into a fun party dress from Bijou and the Elise hair.

As I was wandering around last night in search of something different and fun, you'll never guess what I ran into.
I am not kidding they built an AvedaInstitute in Second Life!

So even though I didn't have an appointment, you know I had to go inside!
What sort of product does my pixel hair need to be it's healthiest?

I am just glad this stuff wasn't actually for sale, because then just like in RL I'd have felt like I needed to buy some because my hair COULD be healthier and I'd end up spending twenty dollars on shampoo....

and so on.

You know what I mean.

Well, the GIRLS know what I mean.

Anyway, I set about trying on some hairstyles - all of which are by ETD - but branded Aveda.
First up was the Short Crop.
File this under NO.
I don't like short hair, and I really don't like mod short cuts. It's just not prissy girly enough for me. I do think, however, it's quite GOOD hair. The style is very nice - but I wouldn't expect less from ETD.

Next I found a winner. Short Layered.

I picked up the Naturals FatPack of this one. I can't SEE but I look cool!

They also had a meditation room and a massage table in the room next door. I stopped in and checked them out, but no masseure was on hand!

All that running around going to pixel day spas and buying scads of hair really wears a girl out. I was glad to retun home to Quiricosta and slip into my pajamas and relax for the evening. The vanity set came from Loks Low Prim and includes the brush for brushing out your lovely new hair. It's only $L99 and 7 Prims, this is a lovely addition to your home, and I HAD to have one when we remodeled Quiricosta.
It's lovely, and sooo relaxing actually. I love this piece!

And somebody, remind me NO MORE HAIR for a while.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


El viernes 25-04-08 celebramos el cumpleanos de nuestro Director de Sonido Dj Yezachel.... estuvistes genial Yeza... muchas felicidades.... Yque todos tu ssuenos se hagan realidad...jajajaj
Happy Birthday to uuuu... Happy Birthday to uuuu.... Happy Birthday to YEZACHEL.... Happy Birthday to uuuu.....
Asistio demasiada gente a esta gran celebracion... la bola raffle era 150 L$ cada 15 minutos.... aparte del camp master 5L$ cada 15 minutos y la Money ball....
Una vez mas se ha demostrado que la familia Vicious crece y crece...
Gracias a todos por compartir con nostros este momento... los queremos muchooooooooo

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hiya! Olá! Hola! Salut! Ciao!

Olá a todos!!! :)

Com este post inicio a minha colaboração com o blog Vicious Studios.

A minha intenção é poder abrir um forúm de discussão de temas sobre as experiências de cada um no SL. Criar um espaço de debate aberto à participação de todos, e desde já aceito sugestões, comentários e ideias sobre assuntos que vos interessem ver abordados... Festas e eventos, Arte, desporto, jogos, meditação, formas de sociedade no metaverse, e dentro de tudo isto a comunicação, base lapidar de toda a forma de relacionamento humano e avatar, claro está. Enviem-me os vossos comentários, chamem os amigos porque aqui há lugar para se falar de tudo o que vos passa pela cabeça... ou pelo coração ;P, eu prometo que respondo a todos e tento abordar as ideias propostas.

Escrevo em português, mas como lugar do mundo o SL fala muitas línguas e culturas, daí que esperem ver posts igualmente escritos em espanhol, inglês, francês ou italiano.

Este é apenas o primeiro para me apresentar a todos os seguidores do Vicious Studios. Tenho também outro blog chamado "My Second Life is the New First", uma espécie de repositório de pensamentos que esvoaçam em redor do avatar Te Rang hehehe ;D
E agora sentem-se em redor do blog, tragam as anotações, façam desenhos... que eu estou por aqui sempre à espreita. ^..^

Até já!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hair From Sinsation - for a Good Cause!

If you read Harper's Post you know that Sinnocent Mirabeau is really needing lindens so that she is able to give her puppy surgery that is needed! RL surgery not cartoon puppy surgery.
I took up the cause last night and made a run to the Hairspray Region to see what there was to see and to help out!
At Sinsation she's put out two freebies that are just super cool that you have to see first of all.
First off the Eris Hair in a fatpack, really fun fantasy flowery hair. Here are a few colors.

And then here is a shot with the fun fantasy skin she has put out......

I picked up Ashlynn in THE PUNKS which included Indigo, Blue and this one, the green.
Details on the sale to help save her Puppy Eris are in the store and on Harpers post below. Buy any hair or skin, and drop Sinnocent a Notecard and she'll hook you up with something else you like of equal or lesser value. I'm excited because I asked for Reyna 2 for my freebie, can't wait to see it.

Let's put our Vicious Ways to good use and help out some one in need, I think you'll find something you like at Sinsation so make a run over there asap, and if you only pick up the freebies - leave a donation.

Her puppy will thank you!

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Style, New Decoration and Fewer Laggg

Si mis kekos bellos pensando en todos ustedes hemos cambiado la decoracion de Vicious-Hypnoz... Una decoracion muy original con mucho estilo y sobre todo con menos Lagggg....jajajja
Esperamos que ahora con esta nueva decoracion te sientas mucho mas comodo... las construcciones se realizaron en un tiempo record para asi poder disfrutar de nuestro disco lo mas antes posible...
Si te das cuenta ahora tenemos unos sofas espectaculares para estar acompanado o solo y muchas bolitas para bailar en pareja lejos de la pista de bailes... es para que tengas un poco de intimidad con la persona que estas bailando... jajajaj
La cabina de nuestro DJ esta encima de la pista de baile... de esta manera todos podran bailar mas comodamente...
Los colores... que te puedo decir de los colores ya tu sabes los colores de Vicious como son... pero esta vez mucho mas armoniosos para estar mas contentos y disfrutar al maximo de la disco... Esperamos que a todos nuestros miembros les guste la nueva disco... y que la disfruten al maximo... siempre pensando en lo mejor para ti.... besitos kekos bellosssssss


Si mis kekos bellos... el sabado 19-04-08 realizamos una megarumba en camisetas mojadas con nuestro DJ Quepazza... quien demostro ser el mejor en los controles... jajaja que musica lobito... estuvistes genial...
El lag nos atormetaba... sobre todo a mi... jajaj... pero sin embargo luchamos contra el... y realizamos la mejor fiesta nunca antes vista... rifamos un terreno y la ganadora fue Becky... muchas felicidades keka...ahora tienes tu terrenito... jajajaj
Tambien realizamos la Bola de las Rifas con 100L$ cada 15 minutos... para esto me ayudo Socrate... Gracias socrate sin ti no hubiera realizado una buena rumba... mmuuuaacckkksss y sigue moviendo el culete...jajajaj
Mucha gente asistio, por un momento se lleno la sim y el laggg era insoportable... pero no nos importo porq la estabamos pasando genial... y uffff hacia muchisimo calor.... que hasta a los bomberos tuvimos que llamar....jajajajaj
A raiz de esto Vicente Bolero decido renovar la disco y hacer una disco mas comoda y con menos laggg y menos de dos dias estuvo lista... asi que ahora puedes ir a ver la nueva disco....te esperamosss


Asisti a la Fiesta en honor a Gidge... y la verdad estuvo genial... Gidge eres lo mejor y sin ti nada es posible en SL... gracias por ser como eres... besitos keka bella.... mmuuaacckkkssss
Cajsa y Silo le organizaron la fiesta... y la verdad la pasamos genial aunque yo llegue tarde... jajajaj
Todos los amigos de Gidge estuvieron presente y hasta bien pasada la noche celebrando este gran homenaje a Gidge...Gidge te mereces eso y mucho mas... jajaj
Quisimos demostrar en esta fiesta lo importante que es Gidge para todos nosotros y para SL... su abundante carisma, apoyo incondicional en lo necesario hace de esta keka GRANDE en todo sus sentidos....
My message for u: You are a very nice person ... It’s very difficult to find a nice, honest and a good people in SL… You have given me the welcome, the support and the help that I needed when I started to work with Vicious ... I know that we didn’t have time to enjoy us… because we have to much difference of hours between USA and Lebanon but I want to say you with certainty that you are a very special person for me… In the moments that I need your help u always give to me… So I take this opportunity to tell u thank you very much for all the little and big things you do that mean so much to me ... You can find me any time if u need me… Its pleasure for me to work with u… its pleasure for me if u considerer me your friend not only in SL and in RL too… …A big Hug and many kisses for u… mmuuaacckkkssss. Preciosa Benelli

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Call for Ideas - BLOGHER 08

BlogHer in Second Life ‘Call for Ideas’

July’s BlogHer conference in San Francisco is near and that means it is time to beginning planning a parallel conference in the virtual world of Second Life.
I’m proud last year’s ‘experimental’ conference was a runaway hit, and hope those who are unable to attend the San Francisco conference and Second Lifers are ready to make this year bigger and better.
We are already planning on more Second Life experts to help guide you before the big days in July and your feedback and ideas are key to crafting the kind of event YOU want.
As Elisa Camahort Page wrote in her call for ideas for San Francisco, we’d love to see the Second Life attendees participate in the exact same way:
“Why a ‘Call for Ideas’ and not a ‘Call for Speakers’ or ‘Call for Proposals’ or something like that? Because BlogHers are a generous bunch, and there are plenty of you who like to recommend other people to speak and want to suggest panels you'd like to attend, not personally speak on. And we are all for that...any idea is welcomed, collected and reviewed by humans.
Our theme this year is Reach! This has different meanings to different bloggers, but we know that many of us have aspirations to reach more people with the ideas we're sharing and also to reach for more in our lives on and offline. This conference is all about helping you have more reach, and to reach for more.”
So what is your idea? Do you want to see more Second Life exclusive content or more live streams from San Francisco? Do you have great ideas for panels, speakers, or events? Email Elisa@blogher.com AND queenofspainblog@yahoo.com (address your email to BOTH please)
Can’t wait!
Queen Tureaud, aka Erin Kotecki Vest

Friday, April 18, 2008

Call for Help for Sinnocent Mirabeau

Meditating on the needs of a friend; wearing Venus, by Sinsation

Gentle readers, if you have some extra lindens in your pockets, I've heard of a fellow avatar in need.

Sinnocent Mirabeau, the owner of Sinsation Hair in Hairspray, sent out a notecard with good news and bad news. Since the note is public (she has a dispenser in her store), I reproduce it here to let her tell it in her own words:

Hi everyone.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but I figure my crisis and personal heartache can maybe have something good come out of it. Hopefully for myself and for all the people in SL who like my hair or skins and want to get 2 for the price of one.

Anyways, here’s the deal. I normally hold sales like this every few months just for kicks and as a fun way to get people even more hair than they’d normally be able to purchase on their own. However, this sale is of great importance to me for other reasons.

A week ago my 9 month old baby puppy, Eris, (even tho she’s not so little anymore) started to have a mass growing in her ear. I thought she had just gotten bitten by something outside and it would clear up in a few days. Well that didn’t happen. In fact, the mass got about 8x bigger. So I took her to the vet yesterday and got the worst possible news.

She didn't get bitten; she has a tumor and a hematoma forming in her ear and she needs surgery to remove it. Otherwise it will just get bigger and bigger and will either.. rupture… get badly infected…. and most likely both will happen.. and the infection the doc said will eventually kill her.. sooner rather than later.

The even worse news is exactly how much it’s going to cost to save her… Which is $1447.00 US. I was in shock when given that figure because it is just not a price I can even close to afford. I’m getting married in RL in September to my sl hubby and I’ve had to put most of my money towards that for deposits and all the other wedding junk that I need.

The irony is that she was my engagement present, and now… my wedding is the thing that has taken up all my money and put me in this spot. Blah…

So at any rate I’ll get right to the point.. I have a very little window of time in order to raise the money to save her.. so I decided I would do a buy one get one free sale in order to try and help to get some of the money for her surgery.

Everything in my shop is eligible for the sale, nothing at all is excluded. The basic idea is whatever you buy.. you get something of equal or lesser value.. free.

So if you buy a skin you can get a skin free or a couple hairs, doesnt matter. Anything goes.

All you have to do is purchase what you want, then send me a notecard with what you purchased and which items you would like to receive free. I will send them on out to you after that.

I suspect anyone who likes outrageous hair knows of Sinsation. If you've seen some of my Flickr photos, you've seen me sporting Sinnocent's work. It's good, and I want to throw my support behind her. I've already done so materially; I purchased a fatpack for £5,000, and I've requested a £3,500 fatpack as my freebie. Drop yourself into Hairspray region, step over to the pink palace you'll see when you materialize, and let's help out a fellow traveler and good designer.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Haber kekas lo prometido es deuda.... jajajaj.... les habia dicho que mas adelante les pondria fotos el striptease de DJ Quepazza y aqui esta volando el pajarito.... jajajaj
No es como hubieramos querido.... pero mas adelante haremos otro Striptease.... no lo olovides Dj Quepazza nos debes una a todas tus fans.... jajajaj

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shopping Too Much

I might be shopping too much.

Or I might just be shopping with Cajsa too much, as we both showed up in Izumiya the other night.
If you haven't BEEN to Izumiya, I highly recommend you check it out. Excellent prices on really cute casual clothes, most items are zero upstairs. Alice07 Barzane is often featuring items from this designer in her freebies.

Hot, Hot, Very Hot @ Vicious-Hypnoz Club

El Sábado 19-04-08 a las 1.00pm SLT el clima estará muy caliente en Vicious-Hypnoz… jajaj la temperatura estará a mas de 35° jajajaj…. por eso nos pondremos unas camisetas mojadas para refrescarnos… En los controles estará DJ Quepazza Ballinger en vivo… El gran premio de la noche será la Rifa de un Terreno… y la Bola Raffle de 100 L$ cada 15 minutos… y muchas sorpresas mas… La Camiseta mojada la encontraras en una caja en la entrada de Vicious-Hypnos Club. Te esperamossssssssss

On Saturday 19-04-08 at 1.00pm SLT the weather will be HOT, HOT, VERY HOT @ Vicious-Hypnoz…. The temperature will be more than 35 °…. So we will wear a Wet T-shirt to refresh us … In the controls there will be DJ Quepazza Ballinger live… The great prize of the night will be the Raffle of a LAND… and the Raffle Ball 100 L$ every 15 minutes … and many surprises for all … You will find the Wet T-Shirt in a box in the entry of Vicious-Hypnos Club… We will wait for uuuuuuuuu

Seguimos Celebrando el Cumpleanos de Lyly

El lunes 14-04-08 seguimos celebrando el cumpleanos de Lyly... todos sus amigos, fans y el staff de Vicious estuvieron presentes celebrando con ella... Felicitaciones keka bella....
Ufff hacia mucho calor en vicious... Y Socrates fue uno de los primeros que comenzo quitandose la ropa y nos hizo un striptease... jajajaj... buen culete Socrate...jajaj
En los controles estaba DJ Yezachel... con la mejor musica....
Los miembros de Vicious Espanol, Dj Quepazza, DJ Goodlife asi como DJ Gargola y DJ Zayra... estuvieron presentes en este gran acontecimiento...
Al final de la noche... DJ Goodlife realizo una sesion tremenda y nuestro DL Quepazza realizo un Striptease... jajajaj... estuvo buenisimo... les debo las fotos del culete de DJ Quepazza....

Happy Birthday Lyly

Feliz Cumpleano Lyly... el domingo 13-04-08 celebramos el cumpleanos de Lyly Straaf... estuvo genial...
Lyly te deseamos todo lo mejor del mundo... Todo el equipo de Vicious te desea feliz cumple... mmuuacckkksss
Asistio muchisima gente que aprecia mucho a Lyly... en los controles estuvo DJ Yezachel... muy bueno por cierto...
Se realizaron varios sploder... y muy buenos por cierto...
Gracias a todos una vez mas por apoyarnos... mmuuaacckkssss