Saturday, December 22, 2007

Grey Suyo at ExC Designs in Lampir

Grey Suyo is just one of the many beautiful ensembles available to you from ExC designs in Lampir. Designer Olya Lowey creates beautiful pieces from Fantasy to evening gown. Many of her items are available in a variety of colors letting you choose which one best suits your style.
Here I am wearing one of the combinations of Grey Suyo.
This outfit has alternate tops and skirts included so you can choose exactly which look best suits you. The detail on the belt is really quite good and it has an elegant, put-together style that I really like.
While you are out there scavenger hunting this weekend, please be sure to look around in the shops. ExC is offering many lovely items that would be a great addition to your wardrobe.
And good luck on the Scavenger Hunt. Who is going to win that 4000 Lindens? I hope it is you!
Don't forget we're having a Christmas party tonight at 8pm!! Come over to Vicious Fairy for the fun, we'll be giving away lots of great Christmas gifts and having a fun time as always.
On the 23rd at 5am SLT there will be a Christmas Party at Peppermint Blue where we will select our NEXT Vicious Fashionista!
And at 8pm SLT Sunday the 23rd........DRUMROLL PLEASE........we will raffle the 4000 Linden!!!

It's a very Vicious Party Weekend! You better be there, and wear something CUTE!

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