Saturday, December 8, 2007

Holiday Social Season Kicks off December 7

The holiday party season is upon us, and unlike the usual random SL parties I'm looking forward to some really fun social events. My day started yesterday with a fun party hostessed by our Vicious Japan Manager Alice07 Barzane at the SL ROMANCE STUDIO. The theme was Maquerade Ball and like most events at Silk Road, it was an elegant affair. Masks were available as were formals (I always like this touch, if you are requiring a dress code nice to help people out with their attire so they fit in, even if you are only giving away freebie stuff).
It was a BareRose type of day for me, apparently because I started my day in a BareRose Ballgown (see the green hair, that's me!) and ended it in one of their Holiday pieces.
And speaking of ending the night, thank you to EVERYONE who attended our Gallery Opening for the GARR BAUGE studio. It was a wild success and not only did we raffle off some original work by Phrost Whiteberry (Garr Bauge Artist) we also had artwork donations from our Vicious Friend Monroe Snook AND from MDR Studios. Plus the BareRose clothing we raffle and the $L1000 in Lindens, the party was so much fun.
Some Party Pictures!

Dancing with Maht. Like his belt? It's for Sale at Vicious Fairy and Zenith - from Miffyhoi's Zenith Designs. Very handy, if you need a smoke, I'm sure !
And the perfect ending to any party, dancing with my Hunny, Silo.

And let me take a moment to throw out some props at this point. I had DJ drama, in short my DJ didn't show. I'm not naming names, because I actually understand that stuff happens in RL that MATTERS vs SL parties and stuff. So while I was totally fucking pissed off about 8:10 pm SLT last night, I had some real princes step up prepared to help me out and make sure my event went off without a hitch, which it did.
First off thanks to Kumari Tokyoska. He jumped in right at 8:10 with a promise to hang out for an hour, and then to help me FIND a DJ. He found not one but TWO - the first one Elinor, crashed but he then found me another one, Maxxie who stepped in and finished out the night. I am so appreciative of him because he had his OWN thing to go to - but took care of us and made sure we got off the ground. HUGE kudos to Kumari.
Second off, continued thanks and props to friend Desertwolf Longstaff. Without DW I'd never find DJs at the last minute, and he jumped right in last night to make sure that I was covered and offered to come fill in. DW I really appreciate you man. I don't run a club so I'm not totally plugged into the ins and outs of the DJ community, but DW is always such a help when I'm in a pinch. I totally appreciate you man!

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