Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Asian Invasion

Vicious Studios celebrated the Talents of our Designer Miffyhoi Rosca and Aquito Myoo with Asian Invasion, our day long event. Miffyhoi has brought us incomparable Tattoos and Aquito has lent her shoe designing talents to Vicious Fairy. If you haven't checked out their work, you need to do so!
Alice07 played Hostess to the Vicious Japan group and with DJ Reck spinning held a large party at 5am on the ice at Vicious Studios. Thank you Alice for always bringing such a great group together! Heroine Blanco was hostess at Hypnoz as Lyly's group held their Asian Invasion with a contest for Best Samurai and Best Geish costume, paying $L250 each!
The evening event started at 8pm with a performance by the Amatsu Okiya Geisha group.
We were treated to traditional dances and poetry and a large crowd gathered to check out this unusual treat at Vicious Studios. The performance lasted about an hour and when it was over, we invited the Geisha's to stay and rock out with us as DJRobyn Writer spun some tunes and we gave away lots of great raffle prizes.
In addition to raffle prizes, Silo Uriza created a sushi table set that was FREE all day and included a free sushi tray that was scripted. Also Miffy donated a tattoo and Trinity from Shameless donated some beautiful gowns for us to raffle off! Olya from ExC marked one of her items - Grey Suyo down to only 1 linden. It was a great day to be in Lampir.
Plus, the party rocked. Who knew that Geisha's would really get down?

Congratulations are in order to MAHT who won the prize for Best Asian Costume $L500! You even look rockin' in the Santa Hat Maht!
And, I have to include this picture.......can you BELIEVE this Vicious Individual originally gave me CRAP about booking the Geisha? He got right on board once he had some fans, I tell you!

Friday, November 23, 2007

WTF Wednesday - Delayed due to Holiday

Okay so I received many photos which violated my #1 Rule, which was no gratuitous picking on the noobs. Now, I'll give you a break, because you might not have REALIZED they were noobs, but they were in noob gear - and hell even I saw a dude older than ME still decked out in noob stuff. But I resisted.
I gave him a makeover kit though.
And he told me he didn't need one.
(grumbles, she should've taken his damn picture).

Okay so, I'm only posting a couple of pics bcse blogger is acting hinky and I've got two up and it won't take any more - I don't know what it's doin! Luckily one is the winner.
First we have this offering from Cajsa.

Hmmm, an interesting choice for a lady who is not an escort? I think. I have it on good authority this lady is not an escort.
So, yeah, stupid outfit. Not a themed night at the club either.
The winner, above was submitted by the Vicious Noob Jadessa.
And oh shit it's of me.
Yeah this actually was the worst picture I got. Many were anachronistic in nature, but the clothes weren't THAT bad.
However, here I am dressed in part of three different outfits as I TPd in to the Moulin Rouge the other day. SL apparently chose this outfit for me. Jadessa wins the $L250.....and I don't even think she meant this to be an official entry but I was so horrified I kept it in my pile.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday Night Ice Skating Party!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Monday Night Ice Skating party on the ice outside Vicious Fairy. We had a very silly time, with our snowball fights, skating and Miffy riding the snowman all night.

We gave away from clothing from WRONG! as well as some fun items like a Spongebob House - everyone please feel free to visit Maht in his new pineapple house. And DJRobyn Writer rocked the place all night!

Don't forget it's your last day to send Gidge Uriza your pics for the WTF Wednesday contest - also politely known as the What not to wear contest - for a $L250 Prize! So get those pictures to me of badly dressed AVs! Think of it like a public service announcement!

We hope to see you at one of our next events! Coming up Nov 23 at Alice's is a Pajama Party at Peppermint Blue where she will be giving away Pajamas! and on Nov 26 we'll have our Asian Invasion event all day at Lampir! Watch this space for details! There will be events ALL DAY and we'll have LOTS of fantastic giveaways and freebies!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

And the Pictures Show Up - At Least From the Geisha Show!!

So some of the pictures showed up! Waahoo!
These are the snaps from the Geisha show at Moulin Rouge that I took the other day. I really enjoyed it, it was very gentle and peaceful to watch. I am thinking about seeing if these guys will perform at the event we're planning for November 26th - ASIAN INVASION! Watch this blog for details!!
And as promised, the photos from the Geisha Show.
First, the Geisha Show.

And Jadessa and I hanging out after the show.

I love the Moulin Rouge, I hadn't been there is so long. I had forgotten how great the interior there is!
If you haven't been, I'd check it out!

What Not to Wear Contest and SL is WONKY

So I had the busy day the other day. I went to a Geisha show at Moulin Rouge with Jadessa, my new favorite noob, and I hosted an Ice Skating party at Vicious Fairy (free ice skates courtesy of SHAMELESS)and I took a TON OF PICTURES - as I've said.
Today, ONE picture showed up.
This is it.
I'm sort of excited about it, because it makes me think that OTHER snaps might be stuck in a server that will eventually send them on their way. Which would be cool. This is a shot of me and Alice before everything got going. If you haven't stopped by Alice's blog lately, she'll be hosting a pajama party on the 23rd at Peppermint Blue where she is giving away free pajama designed by Izumiya, so be sure to check that out! And if you don't speak Japanese, just put the URL in Babelfish for a "close enough" translation. It's not 100%, as you'll see - but you can get the gist.

And in other news.......if you HAVEN'T heard.....the prize for the WTF Wednesday Contest - More Politely Known as the WHAT NOT TO WEAR Contest - has been uppped to $L250! That is right! $L250!! So send those snaps of hideously or tragically dressed AVs to me GIDGE URIZA in world and your pics will all be posted here next Wednesday, plus the Winner will receive $L250!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vicious Ice Skating Party!

Well I took a lot of pictures last night at the little Ice Skating party I invited people to at Vicious Studios. Would you believe that today I have NONE of them in my inventory.

Damn SL.


I really did take a lot of snaps yesterday, I did a lot of fun stuff and was looking forward to sharing with photos.

Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of AV WHILE they Ice Skate? OMG I am so annoyed! Oh well.

We had a little ice skating party, and I gave out Manicures to anyone who attended! Even Socrate got one, so ladies if you see him and butter him up - you might be the lucky recipient. If you are interested in checking out getting a really cool manicure for your AV - see the Nail Station inside Vicious Fairy with 30 nail colors to choose from. Right next to it is the Perfect Eyes station with some of the most realistic eyes I've ever seen in SL - very cool. Both vendors only charge L$35!

Alice took me to her friend's shop - Izumiya.....if you like the funky Japanese style, I highly recommend!

Well, since I can't show you the fun photos from our Ice Skating party, here you see Vicious Photographer and Tattoo Designer Miffyhoi Rosca with me in the Photo Studio. I'm wearing my new Izumiya fashions and one of Miffy's Tattoos!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Todays Fashion~~Zenith Tattoo2&3~~

Vicious Fairy日本地域担当のAliceです^^

昨日ご紹介した「Zenith Tattoo」の新作、いかがでしたか?

さて、本日は引き続き「butterfly II tattoo」の装着イメージをお届けします。

昨日ご紹介したbutterfly tattoo同様、東洋的なデザインでまとめられています。




Vicious Japan
Alice07 Barzane

WTF Wednesday - The Contest

I've decided that I can't possibly do ALL the work, so I'm going to make it a contest. From now on, I want to see YOUR hideous fashion snapshots! You know you've seen them, at clubs, at malls, AVs who just scream "OH PLEASE HELP ME I AM HIDEOUS!"
Some of their fashion decisions are even intentional.

So here is the contest, drop me your fashion nightmare photos in world - send them to GIDGE URIZA.

I'll post the worst ones here next Wednesday - AND I'll award $L50 to the most HIDEOUS AV fashion disaster.

No taking random pics of noobs in their noob gear either.....that's easy picken's!

$L50 lindens can be yours.....so send me your hideous fashion photos.

Snapshots - Making us Even Cooler....

Introducing Snap Shots from Snap.com

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

Todays Fashion~~Zenith Tattoo2&3~~

Vicious Fairy日本地域担当のAliceです^^

本日Vicious Fairyでは、早くもMiffyhoiの手による「Zenith Tattoo」の最新作2種類の発売を開始しました。

本日ご紹介するのは、「butterfly tattoo」






Alice07 Barzane

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WTF Wednesday

I realize I'm a prissy little glamour AV. Fine. I get that. But please, can I get some help for this girl?
I saw her all the way across the property and SPED over to stand about randomly to take pics. Now, at first glance, it's a pretty PUT TOGETHER biker chick look. I'll give you that. The outfit was probably not cheap.
But lets face it, there's leather night at the club and there's NOT leather night at the club. And perhaps this number might be better suited to a Harley Davidson RP sim, or.....I dunno, a Strip Club?
You ask WHY?
Check out the feature that caught my attention.
Just a fashion note.......if it's not leather night, or a leather bar, this outfit only says one thing to me......

Were you going for trashy?

If so, well done.
SL having login problems, shit! I have lots work to do, mofo's!

Well, guess I'll tell you a bit about what's going on. I'm working on couple of projects the first is in Strata region, the parcel where Lyly's shop Parisienne Eternelle once stood. Trinity Eales ,the owner of Shameless, developed the parcel for me It's industrial wasteland type theme and it turned out fucken awesome! You have got to drop in have a look.

She was able to build 7 booths for me to rent out 25 prims each booth at L$150 per week, it sounds high for only 25 prims but you get the following at no extra cost: Limited land permissions so you may eject, ban and freeze undesirables, Your shop name in search, special announcement of your shop in 4 groups and in 4 languages, events arranged specifically promoting your business plus much more --- shit I should be charging more ... If you are interested in renting just pay the rental box or contact Trinity Eales or myself.

Oh! btw I almost forgot, I decided to make the place a Club. Opening soon Shameless Club and Hangout (rental booths available)

In my next blog, HOT GURLZ, an adult gentlemens club in SL I'm currently putting together. I will have Voice Sex, is much like phone sex but without the $2.99 per minute overprice. For less than $10.00 usd you will get up to 60 minutes of Voice Sex and your AV doing the wild thing. So you perv's start registering your age verification with Lindens and load up your lindX and ladies looking for work in SL contact me, it's coming soon.

Vic signing off, peaceout!!

Todays Fashion~~Zenith Tattoo~~

Vicious Fairy日本地域担当のAliceです^^

本日Vicious Fairyでは、「Zenith Tattoo」の発売を開始しました。

このTattooは、Vicious Studio専属カメラマンであり、優秀なデザインセンスを併せ持つMiffyhoi Roscaの手によりデザインされました。






MiffyはVicious Fairyでの販売価格を100L$にしてくれました。
そして、この「Zenith Tattoo」は、Vicious Fairyでの独占販売となっております。


Vicious Japan
Alice07 Barzane

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vicious Fairy Throws a Party

Cajsa said, "Lets throw a party!" DJ Robyn Writer was available and so I drug out the raffle ball for prizes and we got to it!

Thanks to everyone who came! We gave away a lot of prizes including two items from WRONG, some mens items from Vicious Men and a few things from Vicious Fairy!
Cajsa and I are thinking we might make this a regular Monday party! We'll let you know!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Greetings and welcome, my name is Vicente Bolero aka Vic Vicious. I will take this opportunity to give history how Vicious Studious came to be.


It starts with my name. When i started SL, I role played a self described "Hit Man" and for a reasonable fee in lindx I offered to push, orbit, crush enemies/friends/strangers of anyone that paid the price, hence the name Vic Vicious.

After several hits later and the threat of getting kicked out of SL i started a new venture in Escort Security aka Pimp. I negotiated private sessions with "Johns" on behalf of female escorts and provided their protection and security for a percentage. It was during this time that one my girls talked me into purchasing my first parcel, I purchased 512 2m but next day purchased an adjoining 512 2m that eventually became 2048 2m in a few short days. I then witnessed my neighbor sell his land for almost twice the amount he paid so I decided to try it and sure enough within 1 day my parcel sold for twice th price I paid and came the birth of Vicious Real Estate.

The purchase and selling of land became so well I eventually ceased the Escort Security business when i decided to open a club. I grew tired of getting ejected from clubs for shooting disrespectful "Johns" I decided to open my own club where I can shoot my guns into the air while dancing and I decide who stays and who goes. Vicious 4Play a dance and hangout club opened in March 2007. the clientele was mostly english speaking but when I noticed the more faithful attendees where spanish speaking I started a Vicious en Espanol group and started catering to the spanish speaking community of players.

It was at this time that I met the classiest and sexiest of avatars in SL and when she responded to my advances in her native French language I fell head over heels for her, Lyly Straaf. Lyly and I started a SL relationship that continues today, all that is mine in SL is Lyly's. I gave Lyly her own club in the region of Payens, her club name HYPNOZ. Hypnoz outgrew it's club building so I offered to merge Vicious 4Play with Hypnoz and she, Lyly, take over full responsibility of club. Today Vicious-Hypnoz has a traffic count of 27000+ and 3 different language groups for it's members English, Spanish, French and Japanese.

Now with Lyly overseeing the club I was able to focus on undeveloped land I had on Lampir. I purchased a BIB (business in a box) and setup a single shop, that shop became two and eventually grew to what is now known as Vicious Studios. We at Vicious Studios assist new players by providing affordable men and ladies wear, free skin and shape, camping and sponsorship of talented designers.

There you have it, Vicious history. You may find spelling and error grammar in my text but it's because 1) this is my first time blogging 2) this was boring for me, I became most impatient toward the end so you may see more errors because I want to spend no more time here proof reading and correcting errors. I think folks are able to respond or reply to this blog so keep your negative feedback, it is likely i will not read it and it is certain I do not care what anyone thinks or says about my blog (I have desire to be vulgar here but i will chill).

Anyway, thank you for stopping in, peace out!

SL History

So this is me, about the first or second week I was In World. I don't wear that skin much anymore, but I like to pull it out for fun on occasion. It's so weird, I recently found those bar stools in my inventory - turns out I HAD a table that went with them all along, I had just forgotten it. This was so long ago that all the furniture in my house was carefully weeded out of the freebie boxes.....which was a lot of fun but really, long term has just clogged up my inventory. (Can you say 10k pieces? God someone remind me to DELETE some of this crap when you see me).

But all this walking down memory lane made me think you might enjoy this post my friend Dinee wrote, about the SL History Museum. Click through and check out what she found!

The Vicious have a Pajama Party

Sometimes even the Vicious need a break. Last night Cajsa, Miffy, Hatchy and Hoshiko (our Vicious Friend) took a break over at my place to play a little Two Truths and a Lie, and gossip.

Ever go looking for pajamas and get tired of the really high prices - $L200 plus for pajamas at the "good" stores? Well this group is entirely outfitted in PJs from either Shameless (from the infamous Sim Crashing Pajama party a few weeks ago) or from Vicious Fairy's basement. All include the slippers! I am all about the slippers!

While we gossiped and acted like teenagers in my living room at Quiricosta, Silo Uriza was hard at work remodeling the Vicious Fairy basement - so make sure that you stop by and check out the new look, as well as all the great stuff down there. Vicente has added more hairystyles - and we've also added pajamas as mentioned earlier.

Also while we were totally NOT working last night, Vicente started putting in Ice Skaing and Laser Tag in Lampir. If these activities aren't active by the time this post is up, they will be soon. Add this to our skydiving and we've got a lot to do besides shop!

Our Vicious Designer Olya Lowey has also launched a new product at her store, ExC located between Vicious Fairy and Shameless. Olya has released CELESTA - a dress so beautiful you need to SEE it to believe how opalescent it is! Olya has been with Vicious Mall for quite a while and her designs are lovely, if you aren't familiar. I'm wearing her Lilu in the header of this blog. And I chose one of her designs Myra to wear for the grand re-opening of Vicious Mall. See below.

I can wear anybody, but I chose Olya for our opening night because I really love how unique and creative her deisigns are. Stop by ExC and see what she has for you!

Also - if you like the photography on this blog, all photos except mine (which is in the process of being replaced) were done by Miffyhoi Rosca or Hatchy Mills, our Vicious Photographers. Contact them In World if you are interested in have some fantastic creative portraits done!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

SHAMELESS - Check out 2nd floor furniture

SHAMELESS is more than a clothing store - though it's a great clothing store. Explore the second floor and discover the fabulously comfy furniture...and the not-so-comfortable BDSM play sets. Just search for SHAMELESS in search and come visit.

SHAMELESS tiene mucho mas que solamente la ropa. Hay una galeria de arte y muchos muebles comodos - y los incomodos jugeuetes de BDSM. Vengan a SHAMESS a explorar porque hay mas que el ojo puede ver a una vez.

Pirate Party Today at Vicious Hypnoz!

Today Lyly Straaf will be hosting a Pirate Party at 1pm SLT! Come as Jack Sparrow or a pirate wench! The Best Pirate Costume will win a $L500 Prize! Come to Vicious Hypnoz for the party and Lyly will be giving away some freebies just for being there!

1PM SLT - Lampir - Search Vicious Hypnoz!

More Testing

More testing bear with me everyone.
A couple of pics just for fun - here is a pic from the big Halloween party we threw in Lampir!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Nice to meet you. I'm Alice!!

***Japanese will be translated into English through the translation site, and we deliver these sentences. ***

All parts of the world alone are not done, and hello.
My name is Alice07 Barzane.
私の名前は、Alice07 Barzaneです。

The member of Vicious Studio calls me Alice.
Vicious Studioのメンバーは、私のことをAliceと呼びます。

I am Japan regional charge of Vicious Studio.
私は、Vicious Studioの日本地域担当です。

The main work with Vicious Fairy is to be done with Vicious Studio, and to translate the Event, Bargain Sale information, and New Store information, etc. into Japanese, and to announce to the user in Japan.
Vicious Fairyでの主な仕事は、Vicious Studioで行われる、イベント、特売情報、新店舗情報などを日本語に翻訳して、日本のユーザにアナウンスすることです。

Each facilities in Vicious Studio is a design very kind to Newbie of just the start of Second Life.
Vicious Studio内にある各施設は、Second Lifeを始められたばかりの、Newbieに対して、非常に親切な設計となっています。

In Vicious Fairy and Mens, the commodity that it is very low-priced and the quality is high is offered. Commodity that Skin, the hair, and the pupil make a set and the undergarment is various. Of course, a beautiful dress is offered at a low price.
Vicious FairyとMensでは、非常に低価格で品質の高い商品を提供します。

Moreover, various events have been held in Vicious Hypnoz. Simultaneously, Camp only for Vicious Mall Member is set up everywhere in facilities, and if it is Group Menber, Camp that the rate is high can be used.
また、Vicious Hypnozでは、各種イベントを開催しています。
それと共に、施設の随所には、Vicious Mall Member専用のCampが設置されており、Group Menberであれば、レートの高いCampを利用することが出来ます。

The expense of important money can be made a minimum by using these facilities.
And, separating in the short span of time according to the figure of Newbie becomes possible.

Please visit our Vicious Fairy once by all means. And, please confirm it by your eyes.
We will wait for coming of everybody ..STAFF everyone...
ぜひ一度、私達のVicious Fairyを訪問して下さい。

Thank you.

Alice07 Barzane

An Introduction and a greeting from Gidge Uriza

Hi there. Gidge Uriza here. This blog has been created so that we who are associated with Vicious studios have a single place to write about our many events as well as the many other things about Second Life that we really like.
Who are we? We're a lot of different AVs but we all have a connection to Vicious Studios in Lampir.
In Lampir you'll find several ladies wear stores, Vicious Fairy, Shameless and ExC. We also offer mens fashions at Vicious Men. Photography Services are available from Miffy, Hatchy and Jenn at Vicious Photo studio and our latest addition in Lampir is the art studio being run by Phrost Whiteberry. And 24/7 you can find nightclub fun at Lyly's club Vicious Hypnoz.

We hope you enjoy what you find here, and if you have something to share or think you'd like to be a contributor in this space - IM me, Gidge Uriza in world and we can discuss. This is also a nice way for those of you who like to attend our events to keep up without having to join one more group - don't ya think?

So anyway, The Vicious Fairy Welcomes you to our blog. It's still a bit under construction. But I thought I'd start it by letting you all in on the current sale at Vicious Fairy! The Asia Gold cocktail dress - now on sale for $L15!
I've also added pajamas to our Vicious Fairy basement, so be sure to stop by and check out the cute sets!

A Test Post!

This is just a test post. I'm still mucking about with the layout. So Hello from the Vicious Fairy.