Saturday, April 12, 2008

Freebies, Human Sacrifice and A New Couch

Cajsa and I have been dredging the worlds couture designers for freebies.

I'm head to toe Freebie in this shot. Including skin. I picked up the hair at X3D - Digit Darkes added Brat Fat Pack to the hair freebies. The dress says "Free Gift from Aura"....and I apologize, I dunno where I got it. Free! Yeah, I know lame I should've kept track. But hey designers PUT YOUR LANDMARK in your freebies! Silly rabbits.

The skin was a freebie, LOLITA from Bare Rose.

I've also been looking for an Elephant Foot umbrella stand for my new house. I have NOT found one dammit! But, in my searches I did stumble into an Aztec Rainforest Residential Sim. It's called the Rainforest. It's just lovely.
Human Sacrifice anyone? (dress is from Cache! Louvre it's called.)

And speaking of the new house, it's coming together and we'll have the grand opening of our new estate on Silo's rez day April 25. We've been putting it all together for some time. We just picked up the most excellent love seat from Rustica. It's part of their Vegas Victorian collection. I got a little sleepy though last night, and had to put on my SL pajamas.

And for those of you who are wondering when the Vicious Nightlife is going to get going again, watch this will be coming soon!

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