Saturday, April 5, 2008

Freebie Monster Wins Hottest Freebie AV Contest

Maht Wuyt's, while not busy with photography, DJ'ing or running his shop on Vicious Island, is a fierce costume competitor and he went all out for the Hottest Freebie AV contest Tuesday night. Going in a different direction than the rest of us who scrambled for good freebies and combed the SLFreeStyle blog for ideas, Maht went to his treasure trove of Vicious Raffle winnings and created the ultimate Freebie Monster!!! Yes, those are lava lamp pants and a lampshade shirt.  He was a sight to behold with his martini glass and rose shoes and deservedly ran away with the prize.

Rhodesy Durant and Arcadia Nightfire demo
nstrated why they are fondly called the "Evil Twins" with their twin
 freebies. Here they are sweeping the floor while dancing the infamouse OMG dance from Sine Wave. Many clubs include that dance to save on janitorial services and Vicious-Hypnoz does the same.

Harper showed up in an extraordinarily elegant freebie outfit with a pink satin brocade sheath. 

While Gidge rocked out in her shredded jeans. There are lots more pictures on Flickr. Be sure to go there to check them out at

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