Monday, April 28, 2008

New Hair - Both Free and Not!

Cajsa sent me a note that if you joined Speerit's Group right now, all their hair, including the Fatpacks are free. You know I ran over there and picked some up immediately.
I really like the "Elise" Style for practical wear, I did get the fatpack of both natural and wacky colors. Paired with this freebie from Nicky Ree I got at FatCats a million years ago, it's a nice combo I think.
I also picked up Rapunzel just because it's really fun hair, but added bonus was that in the store there was ALSO a couple of freebie gowns! Here I am wearing Rapunzel with one of the evening gowns.

Apparently wearing so much hair makes it impossible for my eyes to stay open.

I took this picture about 5 times and my eyes kept closing, so I gave up.

The braids are really nice detail, though, and the hair is a fun addition. I'm not sure WHAT I will do with it.

The evening gown, on the other hand, I will wear someplace for sure. It's a lovely color and wears very well on the old cartoon body.

Is there such a thing as too many evening gowns?


Before I left the house to go find adventure I changed into a fun party dress from Bijou and the Elise hair.

As I was wandering around last night in search of something different and fun, you'll never guess what I ran into.
I am not kidding they built an AvedaInstitute in Second Life!

So even though I didn't have an appointment, you know I had to go inside!
What sort of product does my pixel hair need to be it's healthiest?

I am just glad this stuff wasn't actually for sale, because then just like in RL I'd have felt like I needed to buy some because my hair COULD be healthier and I'd end up spending twenty dollars on shampoo....

and so on.

You know what I mean.

Well, the GIRLS know what I mean.

Anyway, I set about trying on some hairstyles - all of which are by ETD - but branded Aveda.
First up was the Short Crop.
File this under NO.
I don't like short hair, and I really don't like mod short cuts. It's just not prissy girly enough for me. I do think, however, it's quite GOOD hair. The style is very nice - but I wouldn't expect less from ETD.

Next I found a winner. Short Layered.

I picked up the Naturals FatPack of this one. I can't SEE but I look cool!

They also had a meditation room and a massage table in the room next door. I stopped in and checked them out, but no masseure was on hand!

All that running around going to pixel day spas and buying scads of hair really wears a girl out. I was glad to retun home to Quiricosta and slip into my pajamas and relax for the evening. The vanity set came from Loks Low Prim and includes the brush for brushing out your lovely new hair. It's only $L99 and 7 Prims, this is a lovely addition to your home, and I HAD to have one when we remodeled Quiricosta.
It's lovely, and sooo relaxing actually. I love this piece!

And somebody, remind me NO MORE HAIR for a while.

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