Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Call for Ideas - BLOGHER 08

BlogHer in Second Life ‘Call for Ideas’

July’s BlogHer conference in San Francisco is near and that means it is time to beginning planning a parallel conference in the virtual world of Second Life.
I’m proud last year’s ‘experimental’ conference was a runaway hit, and hope those who are unable to attend the San Francisco conference and Second Lifers are ready to make this year bigger and better.
We are already planning on more Second Life experts to help guide you before the big days in July and your feedback and ideas are key to crafting the kind of event YOU want.
As Elisa Camahort Page wrote in her call for ideas for San Francisco, we’d love to see the Second Life attendees participate in the exact same way:
“Why a ‘Call for Ideas’ and not a ‘Call for Speakers’ or ‘Call for Proposals’ or something like that? Because BlogHers are a generous bunch, and there are plenty of you who like to recommend other people to speak and want to suggest panels you'd like to attend, not personally speak on. And we are all for that...any idea is welcomed, collected and reviewed by humans.
Our theme this year is Reach! This has different meanings to different bloggers, but we know that many of us have aspirations to reach more people with the ideas we're sharing and also to reach for more in our lives on and offline. This conference is all about helping you have more reach, and to reach for more.”
So what is your idea? Do you want to see more Second Life exclusive content or more live streams from San Francisco? Do you have great ideas for panels, speakers, or events? Email AND (address your email to BOTH please)
Can’t wait!
Queen Tureaud, aka Erin Kotecki Vest

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