Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goth Night at Vicious Hypnoz

It was an evening of darkness and macabre humor at Vicious Hypnoz as we rocked the night away Saturday April5.

I broke out my old goth tattoo that I picked up a million years ago. This was my FIRST SL skin that didn't come with my AV. I had forgotten it came with ASS tattoos!

Good stuff, eh?

Everyone came looking very pensive and dark! Furrball and Tygar Desoto looked marvelous and came to represent the furry crowd!

Silo represented the truly dark and macabre in his coffin/death clown outfit.

We say good bye to Cajsa Lilliehook who has been an invaluable member of the American Vicious Staff over the past year. We will miss you Cajsa and know that you are now just going to come to events and win all the prizes,and make more money than you did in salary, aren't you?

I'm really sad about Cajsa leaving, so in lieu of anything witty to say, I'll leave you with a snap of me and Silo as always.

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