Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Asian Invasion

Vicious Studios celebrated the Talents of our Designer Miffyhoi Rosca and Aquito Myoo with Asian Invasion, our day long event. Miffyhoi has brought us incomparable Tattoos and Aquito has lent her shoe designing talents to Vicious Fairy. If you haven't checked out their work, you need to do so!
Alice07 played Hostess to the Vicious Japan group and with DJ Reck spinning held a large party at 5am on the ice at Vicious Studios. Thank you Alice for always bringing such a great group together! Heroine Blanco was hostess at Hypnoz as Lyly's group held their Asian Invasion with a contest for Best Samurai and Best Geish costume, paying $L250 each!
The evening event started at 8pm with a performance by the Amatsu Okiya Geisha group.
We were treated to traditional dances and poetry and a large crowd gathered to check out this unusual treat at Vicious Studios. The performance lasted about an hour and when it was over, we invited the Geisha's to stay and rock out with us as DJRobyn Writer spun some tunes and we gave away lots of great raffle prizes.
In addition to raffle prizes, Silo Uriza created a sushi table set that was FREE all day and included a free sushi tray that was scripted. Also Miffy donated a tattoo and Trinity from Shameless donated some beautiful gowns for us to raffle off! Olya from ExC marked one of her items - Grey Suyo down to only 1 linden. It was a great day to be in Lampir.
Plus, the party rocked. Who knew that Geisha's would really get down?

Congratulations are in order to MAHT who won the prize for Best Asian Costume $L500! You even look rockin' in the Santa Hat Maht!
And, I have to include this picture.......can you BELIEVE this Vicious Individual originally gave me CRAP about booking the Geisha? He got right on board once he had some fans, I tell you!

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