Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SL having login problems, shit! I have lots work to do, mofo's!

Well, guess I'll tell you a bit about what's going on. I'm working on couple of projects the first is in Strata region, the parcel where Lyly's shop Parisienne Eternelle once stood. Trinity Eales ,the owner of Shameless, developed the parcel for me It's industrial wasteland type theme and it turned out fucken awesome! You have got to drop in have a look.

She was able to build 7 booths for me to rent out 25 prims each booth at L$150 per week, it sounds high for only 25 prims but you get the following at no extra cost: Limited land permissions so you may eject, ban and freeze undesirables, Your shop name in search, special announcement of your shop in 4 groups and in 4 languages, events arranged specifically promoting your business plus much more --- shit I should be charging more ... If you are interested in renting just pay the rental box or contact Trinity Eales or myself.

Oh! btw I almost forgot, I decided to make the place a Club. Opening soon Shameless Club and Hangout (rental booths available)

In my next blog, HOT GURLZ, an adult gentlemens club in SL I'm currently putting together. I will have Voice Sex, is much like phone sex but without the $2.99 per minute overprice. For less than $10.00 usd you will get up to 60 minutes of Voice Sex and your AV doing the wild thing. So you perv's start registering your age verification with Lindens and load up your lindX and ladies looking for work in SL contact me, it's coming soon.

Vic signing off, peaceout!!

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