Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Vicious have a Pajama Party

Sometimes even the Vicious need a break. Last night Cajsa, Miffy, Hatchy and Hoshiko (our Vicious Friend) took a break over at my place to play a little Two Truths and a Lie, and gossip.

Ever go looking for pajamas and get tired of the really high prices - $L200 plus for pajamas at the "good" stores? Well this group is entirely outfitted in PJs from either Shameless (from the infamous Sim Crashing Pajama party a few weeks ago) or from Vicious Fairy's basement. All include the slippers! I am all about the slippers!

While we gossiped and acted like teenagers in my living room at Quiricosta, Silo Uriza was hard at work remodeling the Vicious Fairy basement - so make sure that you stop by and check out the new look, as well as all the great stuff down there. Vicente has added more hairystyles - and we've also added pajamas as mentioned earlier.

Also while we were totally NOT working last night, Vicente started putting in Ice Skaing and Laser Tag in Lampir. If these activities aren't active by the time this post is up, they will be soon. Add this to our skydiving and we've got a lot to do besides shop!

Our Vicious Designer Olya Lowey has also launched a new product at her store, ExC located between Vicious Fairy and Shameless. Olya has released CELESTA - a dress so beautiful you need to SEE it to believe how opalescent it is! Olya has been with Vicious Mall for quite a while and her designs are lovely, if you aren't familiar. I'm wearing her Lilu in the header of this blog. And I chose one of her designs Myra to wear for the grand re-opening of Vicious Mall. See below.

I can wear anybody, but I chose Olya for our opening night because I really love how unique and creative her deisigns are. Stop by ExC and see what she has for you!

Also - if you like the photography on this blog, all photos except mine (which is in the process of being replaced) were done by Miffyhoi Rosca or Hatchy Mills, our Vicious Photographers. Contact them In World if you are interested in have some fantastic creative portraits done!

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