Friday, November 23, 2007

WTF Wednesday - Delayed due to Holiday

Okay so I received many photos which violated my #1 Rule, which was no gratuitous picking on the noobs. Now, I'll give you a break, because you might not have REALIZED they were noobs, but they were in noob gear - and hell even I saw a dude older than ME still decked out in noob stuff. But I resisted.
I gave him a makeover kit though.
And he told me he didn't need one.
(grumbles, she should've taken his damn picture).

Okay so, I'm only posting a couple of pics bcse blogger is acting hinky and I've got two up and it won't take any more - I don't know what it's doin! Luckily one is the winner.
First we have this offering from Cajsa.

Hmmm, an interesting choice for a lady who is not an escort? I think. I have it on good authority this lady is not an escort.
So, yeah, stupid outfit. Not a themed night at the club either.
The winner, above was submitted by the Vicious Noob Jadessa.
And oh shit it's of me.
Yeah this actually was the worst picture I got. Many were anachronistic in nature, but the clothes weren't THAT bad.
However, here I am dressed in part of three different outfits as I TPd in to the Moulin Rouge the other day. SL apparently chose this outfit for me. Jadessa wins the $L250.....and I don't even think she meant this to be an official entry but I was so horrified I kept it in my pile.

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