Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Not to Wear Contest and SL is WONKY

So I had the busy day the other day. I went to a Geisha show at Moulin Rouge with Jadessa, my new favorite noob, and I hosted an Ice Skating party at Vicious Fairy (free ice skates courtesy of SHAMELESS)and I took a TON OF PICTURES - as I've said.
Today, ONE picture showed up.
This is it.
I'm sort of excited about it, because it makes me think that OTHER snaps might be stuck in a server that will eventually send them on their way. Which would be cool. This is a shot of me and Alice before everything got going. If you haven't stopped by Alice's blog lately, she'll be hosting a pajama party on the 23rd at Peppermint Blue where she is giving away free pajama designed by Izumiya, so be sure to check that out! And if you don't speak Japanese, just put the URL in Babelfish for a "close enough" translation. It's not 100%, as you'll see - but you can get the gist.

And in other news.......if you HAVEN'T heard.....the prize for the WTF Wednesday Contest - More Politely Known as the WHAT NOT TO WEAR Contest - has been uppped to $L250! That is right! $L250!! So send those snaps of hideously or tragically dressed AVs to me GIDGE URIZA in world and your pics will all be posted here next Wednesday, plus the Winner will receive $L250!!!

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