Sunday, November 11, 2007


Greetings and welcome, my name is Vicente Bolero aka Vic Vicious. I will take this opportunity to give history how Vicious Studious came to be.


It starts with my name. When i started SL, I role played a self described "Hit Man" and for a reasonable fee in lindx I offered to push, orbit, crush enemies/friends/strangers of anyone that paid the price, hence the name Vic Vicious.

After several hits later and the threat of getting kicked out of SL i started a new venture in Escort Security aka Pimp. I negotiated private sessions with "Johns" on behalf of female escorts and provided their protection and security for a percentage. It was during this time that one my girls talked me into purchasing my first parcel, I purchased 512 2m but next day purchased an adjoining 512 2m that eventually became 2048 2m in a few short days. I then witnessed my neighbor sell his land for almost twice the amount he paid so I decided to try it and sure enough within 1 day my parcel sold for twice th price I paid and came the birth of Vicious Real Estate.

The purchase and selling of land became so well I eventually ceased the Escort Security business when i decided to open a club. I grew tired of getting ejected from clubs for shooting disrespectful "Johns" I decided to open my own club where I can shoot my guns into the air while dancing and I decide who stays and who goes. Vicious 4Play a dance and hangout club opened in March 2007. the clientele was mostly english speaking but when I noticed the more faithful attendees where spanish speaking I started a Vicious en Espanol group and started catering to the spanish speaking community of players.

It was at this time that I met the classiest and sexiest of avatars in SL and when she responded to my advances in her native French language I fell head over heels for her, Lyly Straaf. Lyly and I started a SL relationship that continues today, all that is mine in SL is Lyly's. I gave Lyly her own club in the region of Payens, her club name HYPNOZ. Hypnoz outgrew it's club building so I offered to merge Vicious 4Play with Hypnoz and she, Lyly, take over full responsibility of club. Today Vicious-Hypnoz has a traffic count of 27000+ and 3 different language groups for it's members English, Spanish, French and Japanese.

Now with Lyly overseeing the club I was able to focus on undeveloped land I had on Lampir. I purchased a BIB (business in a box) and setup a single shop, that shop became two and eventually grew to what is now known as Vicious Studios. We at Vicious Studios assist new players by providing affordable men and ladies wear, free skin and shape, camping and sponsorship of talented designers.

There you have it, Vicious history. You may find spelling and error grammar in my text but it's because 1) this is my first time blogging 2) this was boring for me, I became most impatient toward the end so you may see more errors because I want to spend no more time here proof reading and correcting errors. I think folks are able to respond or reply to this blog so keep your negative feedback, it is likely i will not read it and it is certain I do not care what anyone thinks or says about my blog (I have desire to be vulgar here but i will chill).

Anyway, thank you for stopping in, peace out!

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QofS said...


I think I just peed myself.

I think it was a great first blog.

I could totally fill some holes in the history. ;)