Friday, November 9, 2007

An Introduction and a greeting from Gidge Uriza

Hi there. Gidge Uriza here. This blog has been created so that we who are associated with Vicious studios have a single place to write about our many events as well as the many other things about Second Life that we really like.
Who are we? We're a lot of different AVs but we all have a connection to Vicious Studios in Lampir.
In Lampir you'll find several ladies wear stores, Vicious Fairy, Shameless and ExC. We also offer mens fashions at Vicious Men. Photography Services are available from Miffy, Hatchy and Jenn at Vicious Photo studio and our latest addition in Lampir is the art studio being run by Phrost Whiteberry. And 24/7 you can find nightclub fun at Lyly's club Vicious Hypnoz.

We hope you enjoy what you find here, and if you have something to share or think you'd like to be a contributor in this space - IM me, Gidge Uriza in world and we can discuss. This is also a nice way for those of you who like to attend our events to keep up without having to join one more group - don't ya think?

So anyway, The Vicious Fairy Welcomes you to our blog. It's still a bit under construction. But I thought I'd start it by letting you all in on the current sale at Vicious Fairy! The Asia Gold cocktail dress - now on sale for $L15!
I've also added pajamas to our Vicious Fairy basement, so be sure to stop by and check out the cute sets!

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