Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mardi Gras Recap

We held two Mardi Gras Events on Vicious Island inside of ExC on the PARTY DECK Vic built with excellent turnout for BOTH! The Morning Event at 5am SLT FILLED THE SIM! I don't have any snaps of that event, so if anyone HAS anyone please shoot them to me! I'd love to see them! Alice07 as ALWAYS you hostessed a BRILLIANT party and THANKS to you for everything!

The evening event was a success as well but not NEARLY by the same standard! We had several folks come to party down for our Best Mardi Gras costume contest which was a $L500 prize! Our winners were Vicious Model Eleanor Enoch and our New Vicious Friend Roxie Bulloch! Both ladies broke out excellent costumes, with Roxie bringing it with a Mardi Gras SILK! Very excellent outfit! That's her back in the left corner - and in the forefront we have the compulsively purple-clad Rhodesy Durant! Rhodesy always rocks the purple!

Cajsa wore a brilliant marionette dress and we had an excellent turnout including new Vicious Party friends Tiare Larkham,Anna Decuir and Angelfeet Trevellion.
And as always we were totally delighted to see our old friends Maht Wuyts, Arcadia Nightfire and others! Everyone looked excellent in the Mardi Gras Party gear whether they broke out traditional styles or just went for sexy, which we all knows works well on Bourbon Street.
Harper from Around the Grid with Harper came by for a while but I wasn't able to get any snaps of her, my PC is acting crazy!
NOTE to ALL VICIOUS EMPLOYEES - I am HAVING PC PROBLEMS so I have trouble taking pics to PLEASE make sure you are sending me pics of events! We want to get photos of as many things as we can!

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