Sunday, February 3, 2008

Today's Event and Maht's Opening Recap!

Today Juliana Howlett has announced a fun event at Hypnoz! This will be TODAY!

One great event today again at the Vicious Hypnoz Club ! Contests, Lindens, Prizes...

We will have guest DJ TeckTonik Blinker ! We'll organize a contest with the best bling and lights.

- 2 x 300L$ for the contest (men and women)
- 2 x 50L$ in the raffle ball and other prizes

You'll enjoy Vicious Hypnoz fun !

Notice repeats in French:
Kikooo les amis !

Un grand événement aujourd'hui de nouveau au club Vicious Hypnoz Vicious ! Concours, Lindens, prix ...

Nous aurons le guest DJ TeckTonik Blinker ! Nous allons organiser un concours avec les meilleurs bling et lumières.

-- 2 x 300L$ pour le concours (hommes et femmes)
-- 2 x 50L$ au raffle ball et d'autres prix

Vous allez vous éclater au Vicious Hypnoz !

Ce dimanche soir 21h30 (heure française) 12:30PM SLT. Venez nombreux

Also we held the Grand Opening of Mahts Mats and Mattes which was excellently attended and a great party over all! If you haven't been to Mahts Mats and Mattes I really recommend you go check it out. He's got an excellent collection of Real Life Photography that he's brought to Second Life. Plus the rugs are gorgeous, really well made with complex textures that are very rich.

And now some party pictures!
Lacie Jewell came out - I didn't get a good snap of her partner in crime Anna Decuir this time! That's Cajsa dancing beside her in the awesome dress. Spinning tunes was the excellent nlinear pessoa and as always we were SO glad to see Rhodesy and Arcadia! Rock on ladies!Also joining us was relatively new to Vicious Lauren Mureaux who was GORGEOUS in black!
Don't forget that the Vicious Modeling contest is wide open right now - I'm accepting entries to Gidge Uriza - just drop them into my inventory - Headshot please! Make sure that you NAME the file your AV name - I am far too lazy to try to sort out WHO everyone is if you don't ok!?! Top three spots win lindens $L1000,$L500 and $L200 PLUS we have more modeling jobs than that available so don't fret if you don't win the lindens - we may still have a valuable modeling job available for you!

Get those in soon and watch THIS space and GROUP NOTICES for info on the where and when of the conclusion of the contest!

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