Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chocolate Party at Shameless

On Feb 12 we held a Chocolate Party At Shameless. It was an excellent party as Trinity had just created several new items for her first Fashcon release. Cajsa selected on of them to wear as it fit in nicely with our Chocolate Theme.

This is actually a completely transparent body stocking that Trinity Eales, Shameless designer, created. Casja slipped on some nude lingerie under it so you didn't see her naughty bits, as it was not a naughty bits party.
And well, I could've come in Chocolate but I'd found all this EXCELLENT Valentines stuff on SLX, Onrez plus at Shameless that I had to rock my own thing. Expecially since I wasn't going to on in World on Valentines, I knew it would be my only chance to wear the stuff.
The wings and outfit are from SHAMELESS on Vicious Island (run don't walk! I think that outfit is only like $L100.) The skin I picked up on Onrez. The hair is some Digit Darkes Edgy Wilds hair I bought like a year ago, I dunno if she still has it for sale. I didn't see it out on ONREZ but maybe I missed it. The hair includes the little bows.

We had a great turnout! Everyone came dressed in their best chocolate themed attire (except me).
It's always surprising to me what a nice turnout we get for a mall group. And I'm always so happy to SEE all of you! I love to see how creative you can be with your AVs and what great new outfits you are wearing.

I'd also like to take this opporutnity to introduce all of your to our newest additions to the Vicious Staff, Lauren Mureaux (did I even get that last name right? Why do we have last names? Maybe we should have family reunions? Sorry - I digress....)
And that dance floor is from Mikki Young. I'm in love with her themed stuff she does for clubs. I wish she did more holiday stuff, because I'd totally be picking up dance floors for holidays all the time. So far I've got three of her dance floors (halloween, fish tank and now candy hearts.) Come on Mikki Young - make me one for St Patty's! Dear lord soon I'll be collecting dance floors the way I collect hair.....

I was also really excited that Harper Gainesvoort (lord did I spell that right?) was able to pop in. She didn't have anything particularly chocolate to wear but she did wrap herself in gold foil - which seemed very candy like! Also attending was Hatchy Mills who we don't get to see very much and miss a lot.
Our contest was for $L500 Lindens to see who best fit the THEME of the evening. I just left that open to interpretation - I mean, we said Chocolate Party - so that's a pretty broad category! I've got a few snaps of our CHOCOLATE contestants! First up - Hatchy Mills. Perhaps she is WHITE CHOCOLATE?

Next we have the recently partnered Eleanor Enoch (CONGRATS ELEANOR!) wearing a chocolate outfit complete with Kiss on her head!
Here you see Harper in her Foil Wrapped self.

And our Winner was Sinamon Freschi - congrats Sinamon!
I'll put up ALL the party pics on Flickr if you want to go see them. And it wouldn't be a post from Gidge if I didn't show you an excellent snap of me and Silo. Too bad as an employee he isn't eligible - how could that Kiss not have won? I mean that is a great AV complete with the little I love you sign on top. I'd tell you where he got it but then I'd have to kill you!
Thanks to always to Maht for his donation of a print for the raffle, if you haven't yet ventured over to check out his photography I am SERIOUS you should check it out. It's just lovely and it's all for sale at Maht's Mats and Mattes. (You say all three words the same way.)

And now, some new Releases at Shameless on Vicious Island!

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