Sunday, February 24, 2008

Art Appreciation Night - We <3 Art!

We held our Art Appreciation Night at Vicious Hypnoz and it was great to see how everyone came dressed. The contest was to come as a work of art or your favorite artist for $L500! Xena won and I didn't end up with a pic of her so if you have one, please forward it to me

Our new Vicious Assistant Lauren Mureaux tried out her raffle ball for a while, just to get the swing of it so for a while we had THREE yes THREE raffle balls going. We had a lot of fun announcing that we had a lot of balls.

We challenged everyone a bit with this one because unlike a regular theme party, the theme was simply ART - so you were only limited by your imagination. Sable came as her own work of modern art. I think she looked pretty great!
Of course the question is.....would you hang her on your wall?
Kidding kidding kidding!
Also rocking the great look was Qu Nightfire!

Furrball showed up in a gown he'd won at another event - his own special sort of work of art. Furrball lounged on the piano like a drunk chanteuse. Which is a hilarious animation. I will have to give it a try.

You probably noticed by now that we've moved Hypnoz up to Death Hill (Vic did you rename Death Hill BTW?) an we have done a lot of remodeling inside. I think over the next few weeks you're going to find Hypnoz a lot more romantic for couples, we're in the process of revamping the entire theme there.

Cajsa came in what I THINK was Waterlilies by Monet (I had had a few by the time I asked her but that seems right). It was a beautiful dress regardless.

I was one of the ladies in the famous Seurat pointellism and Silo rocked a Statue AV, it was excellent!

As always we loved seeing everyone and now I have to decide what we're going to do on Tuesday.....there will be SOMETHING on Tuesday night though! So watch your notices!
As always - some great releases from Trinity at Shameless.

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