Friday, February 29, 2008

Vicious Murder Mystery - First Suspect and Some Clues!

Our First Suspect in the Grisly Murder of one Vicente Bolero is none other than Gidge Uriza.

Of course, you know Gidge as the longstanding Vicious Friend, tried and true and always loyal to Vic and ready to defend Vicious at any turn. What you might not know is that Gidge has already killed.

Out of loyalty to Vic, she hunted down Queen, after she and Vic had such a bitter breakup, and killed her with her own hands. As Queen and Gidge were best SL friends, Gidge had even lived with Queen once - this violent outburst was very unexpected. She also showed herself to be remarkably STRONG......who knew?

What you may not have known is that both Gidge and Vic have been locked in a bitter mutual blackmail over the past year. Gidge blackmailing Vic after having learned his penchant for wedding gowns during a photoshoot she was doing for the original Vicious Mall.

Vic was in turn blackmailing Gidge after snapping some pics of her and Lia Trefoil in a comprimising position on his Girl-Girl bed in his not so secret skybox.
Did Gidge finally snap and want out of Vic's endless demands to move buildings and drive traffic, all the while threatening to out her secret lesbian habits if she dared disagree?

Continue to watch this blog for more hints - the Murder Mystery party will be on Tuesday night! We'll have clues hidden around the island, clues on Twitter, clues on Snapzilla (search Gidge Uriza or Vicious Murder Mystery) over this weekend. Whomever discovers the killer will win $L1000. In the event of MORE than once person discovering the winner - we'll have a drawing.

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