Tuesday, January 22, 2008

American Idol Party - Another Recap

Thanks to Harper, because without her excellent post we'd have been VERY tardy getting pics up from our ROCKING American Idol Party.
Okay, it was a silly theme, and I'm STILL Threatening to do my bad demo hair party but NONETHELESS let's take a look at what a great time we all had!

First off, I'd like to take a moment to introduce Peter Sliter, pictured in black to the left to you all. Peter stopped in and said hello at the beginning of the party. He's a talented musician from Portugal who will be gracing us with live performances on a regular basis. I'll be putting out notices like MAD as to when it'll be so keep your eyes open, you won't want to miss it.

And if you think Peter looks like he might not be a new comer after all, that in fact he looks rather VICIOUS well you'd be right....he's returned to the Vicious Fold after a short exile that we'll NOT DISCUSS, lol - RIGHT VIC!?!

We were so glad to see our old friends and meet some new ones! In this pic to the right, you see our Vicious Artist friend Phrost Whiteberry of the Garr Bauge Studio located on Vicious Island, and our New Vicious Friend Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe is a new player who has just started hanging out with the Vicious! We were glad to see him, and his AV improvements continue to impress. Sutcliffe has been doing a rather impressive job of sorting the wheat from the chaffe of the standard issue clothes. Nice work! I've seena lot dorkier looking folks who have been playing a lot longer!

We had DJRobyn Writer playing the tunes and the party was graced by our new Friend and Guest Blogger Harper Gainesvoort. Thanks so much for coming, and rocking out with us. I am not sure that Simon and crew would pass you on with this outfit but as far as I'm concerned you looked completely smashing! Total rock star! That's me with Harper....I'm the one who isn't made of metal! Harper's outfit makes me think of Gwar, if they weren't hideous and revolting.

We also met new friend Qu Nightfire, who came with Phrost. She's been hanging out around the Vicious Island a bit lately so we were glad she joined us! The more the merrier. She won a waterfall from the raffle ball, which acted up and promptly ate it. Then when I went to SLX today the damn thing wasn't on there. Don't worry Qu, though, I'll find you one! Promise! If I can't find the one that was originally in the ball, I'll get you one from SOMEWHERE!

I'm very resourceful.

Also joingin us were Skylar Pinazzo and Darkstone Carver who seemed really to not be paying too much attention to the rest of us. We may have to open a rental skybox for the lover - just kidding you two. It was great to see you and thanks for coming!

This was the first time I solicited pics from my guests. I wasn't sure how the experiment would go, but between managing the mall and the events, blogging, doing notices, etc etc etc etc and all the other crap that comes with full sim mgmt I'm sort of overwhelmed sometimes. And I know you can't even believe this but I actually have a real life too! So I solicited and MAN I got some great pics, which I will include! Thanks to Arcadia and Rhodesy for emailing them to me. Jadessa sent me some too but they didn't come through properly - so Jadessa please resend them okay doll?

Silo arrived in his usual flourish and guess what - instead of his usual AV he chose to wear a brain in a jar for his head. Nice look baby! SUPER HOT!

Some other great pics from the night.......our DJ Friend Treven Zabelin stopped by and instead of
dancing the night away decided to try out some of the free sports available on Vicious Island. He landed in the middle of the dance floor courtesy of the free skydiving you can find from ANY teleport pad on Vicious Island. If you haven't tried this, check it out. It's a lot of fun, and very peaceful, I really like it. And it's a fun way to crash into random people dancing at a party!

Also new at the party was our new aquarium dance floor which holds my pet shark Ralph. Never fear, Ralph only bites my enemies.

Ralph will be joined by some other fish if Vic ever bothers to put them in there. Don't worry Ralph baby, mommy will buy you some more friends if he forgets!

When Vic finally showed up (late as always, good grief he acts like HE has a real life or something!)

he added his usual aplomb to the party by shooting at everyone. Or maybe I should say, more accurately, shooting NEAR everyone. That's Arvid Xeno the human torch, she handles the Vicious Netherlands group. She's HAWT!

Notice I've got my gun out down below in the group shot - I'm not getting orbitted without a fight! And now, for my FAVORITE Guest Provided pic, it's this one with Rhodesy and Arcadia dancing with Harper! You can see me, Silo and Caja (in blue) in the background. Great job Rhodesy - you win the $L100 for the coolest guest contributed photo!

There were lots of other GREAT pics from Acardia and Rhodesy, plus the ones from Jadessa that didn't come through but because I'm SOOO late getting this post out - I'm going to let you all know that they'll be on our FLICKR stream! So come check them out!

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Harper Ganesvoort said...

Shoot, Rhodesy got a better shot there than I did; I'm not sure I even noticed them beside me at that point! I was swinging my camera around desperately, looking for some good group shots. (Got plenty of me, of course, but I figured you wouldn't want endless pictures of me shaking my silver booty [grin].)

And don't forget, I have my katana there while Vic's waving his guns around. I wasn't planning to go down without a fight (grin).