Friday, January 4, 2008

Moving On Up!

The Entire Vicious Population is MOVING to Vicious Island! We're leaving the lag hell region of Lampir to our very own Private Sim, courtesy of Vicente Bolero.

We'll be moving, and pulling our hair out and trying not to kill each other and in the process, we won't really having time for blogging! But NEVER FEAR! I've invited some of my FAVORITEST SL Bloggers to stop by and write some fun pieces for you.

So look out for the occassional word from the Vicious over the next few days, and some guest posts from our Vicious Friends!

See you on the Island soon. Oh and BTW - Hypnoz is already moved, so those of you who enjoy the delights at Hypnoz, if you SEARCH Vicious Hypnoz you'll TP into our new digs.

We'll be seeing you soon, Island style!

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