Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday Night Costume Party at Vicious

As part of their Grand Opening festivities, the Vicious Ones threw another party Saturday night, themed "Come Dressed for an American Idol Appearance." Fortunately, we weren't asked to sing (even if I had a decent voice anymore, I have a head cold now in RL)! Any road, while I couldn't make the other activities so far this weekend, I was able to make it to this one, and in I came.

(You can click on the pictures for slightly larger versions; I held the size down even then as a courtesy to the blog's true owners.)

I'll admit that I took a rather broad view of how my costume should look, but I wasn't the only one (grin). I just love this silver top and shorts I picked up in Canada in SL; to it I added the Omayrah hairstyle from Sinsation (Hairspray region), diamond-studded snakeskin boots, and a dark silver skin from chroma.

We had about 20-30 Residents present and getting down to a fantastic beat, provided by our nights song-spinner, DJRobyn Writer. She looked as fantastic as her DJ work was, and I voted for her in the best-dressed woman contest. She didn't win that, but she did clean up several times on the two sweepstake balls the Vicious Ones provided -- including snagging some of the really good swag (mock growl). I can't complain, though; I got my own share, including a nifty bicycle blimp!

Some other photos:

That's a close-up of me with a katana on my belt. Vic, the sim's owner, likes guns; in fact, he really likes guns. He was most polite, and didn't shoot anybody; but, as the bullets started flying over the broad way (grin), I figured I needed something to deflect the occasional stray ricochet (grin).

Oh, the contest! When the voting came in, there was a three-way tie for first: Arcadia Nightfire, one of the Durants (I can't remember which right now; please help, Gidge!)...and myself! I knew this was a good costume!! Take that, Simon Cowell. And congratulations to my co-winners, along with thanks to the Academy for this great honor....

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