Thursday, January 17, 2008

Grand Opening - Vicious Japan Event!

Our First Event of the Grand Opening Weekend went off this morning BRILLIANTLY with Alice07 Barzane as hostess and DJ! We had a huge crowd dancing to the tunes of the 80s and it was a fun time with many premium prizes!

I even stopped in to shake it for a while with my favorite Japanese Group!
Thanks to everyone who came out!
And don't forget that for our Grand Opening we have some FANTASTIC Freebies being offered! Olya at ExC has marked down Menga in Green to $L1 and Trinity at Shameless gave us a Vicious Man and a Vicious Girl Tshirt you'll find in the courtyard.
These are not your usual Second Life freebies, but premium products from Haute Couture designers only for our customers during this GRAND OPENING EVENT! So be sure to pick them up!
Next event - Friday...check the events Calendar! It's best in Military Costume at 12:30pm SLT at Vicious Hypnoz with Lyly and crew hostessing.

And be sure to say Happy Rezz day to Arvid if you see her - it's her 1st Rezz Day!

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