Saturday, January 26, 2008

Second Life Events - Attending Them For a Change!

Once Upon a Time I used to shop endlessly and attend social events. At clubs (the best clubs) and at people's estates. My friend owned her own island and Second Life was a Merry Place with all the shopping and socializing that went on. As a matter of fact, the socializing DROVE the shopping - cuz you know, you need something CUTE to wear to the next event - RIGHT?

But since I've been actually working I've attended a ton of events, more than ever - yet I'm never REALLY relaxing. I'm working. After the grand opening, however, I decided to give our group members a rest - because I felt like we've BOMBARDED you for days with events, I thought you might enjoy a break from us.

And this gave me the chance to.......ATTEND some Events. Both Bizarre and Elegant.
First off THE BIZARRE, the other day I get an IM from DJ Friend Treven Zabelin saying "Come Vote for me in this Midget Contest". I have such a huge friends list that I largely neglect, (which I regret) that when I HEAR from someone, I'm fairly delighted. So I took the TP and popped over to the House of Paine (apologies to House of Paine I didn't jot down your slurl). At House of Pain - I looked like this......

I am the GIANT next all these tinies. Lol! I've never been to a tiny party - it weirds me out a bit. Here is Tiny Treven. They all have bottles which ummmm, can anyone say ummm ewww. Like is it a joke or some bizarre fetish? Terribly funny if a joke. Silly, a gag, I get it.

The music at House of Paine was rockin. I had to decline a group invite however, because due to the multitude of Vicious Language Groups my list is FULL FULL FULL. Plus - I'm not sure if they are a TINY bar in general or if this was just a goof. But I am not going Tiny any time soon - so my big six foot AV really won't fit in there if it is a Tiny club - eh?

I was amused by the pole dancers though!


And in keeping with the theme, after I voted for Treven and stayed a respectable amount of time I TPd back to Vicious Island to set out pose balls for the ballroom (yeah you heard me BALLROOM - GET YOUR GOWNS OUT!) and when I got there, Silo was already there working as the VICIOUS TOOL. And guess who SL had chosen to make a Tiny in keeping with the theme of the day?

Last night our Vicious Friends and Co-workers Maht, Cajsa and Monroe celebrated the grand opening of their NEW MDR Photo Studio located on the Sanctuary Rock Sim. So you KNOW I had to break out a pretty party dress!

I love the dress - yet it gave a whole new understanding to the need for Glitch pants when I danced. Geeez. I picked the dress up at <3>

Here is Maht and RC Janus getting their Groove on!
Other guests included Annah Decuir and Lacie Jewell. We made friends when it turned out they share my shopping addiction! Nice to meet you ladies!
As the evening wore on, Vic and Silo hunted up some tango balls for some romantic dancing - Vic has a new Bot fetish. (kidding kidding kidding)
Lia, my oldest best girlfriend SL made a visit for a while, it looked like old times.
Except that umm,Lia has a totally new AV. And thanks to the magic of dance balls, I got the opportunity to dance the night away with my robot love. Love you baby!
And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the latest addition to any social gathering worth mentioning - FURRBALL the waiter! Cigar? Cigarette? Drink? Furrball's got ya covered! Best waiter ever.

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