Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our Last Event at Lampir - NEW YEARS EVE

We held our last event at Lampir on Dec 31st, the Black and White Ball! We had great Attendance - but we expected a great turnout with Dick Clark hosting!

Thanks to everyone who came and made the event a great success!

In attendance were many of our regular guests including Maht who took home a fair share of prizes this time!
Of course this party Cajsa and I had TWO raffle balls going just for fun and Arcadia Nightfire and Rhodesy Durant really gave him a run for his money this time!

The Vicious Staff had a great time (pictured, Cajsa Silo and I)and really enjoyed seeing everyone! Cajsa provided a mask vendor so that anyone who didn't have a mask could pick one up for the event! Thanks Cajsa!
We also held our contest for the Next Vicious Fashionista - Congratulations to Angelous0069 Aya who won! She is pictured here on the right! We're looking forward to seeing how beautiful the clothes in Vicious Fairy look on you!(She might be scantily clad but she IS wearing Black and White, eh?)

And to announce it finally- as some of you may have heard of figured out! WE ARE MOVING! Vicente has purchased a SIM so expect all of Vicious to FLEE the lag-hell of Lampir in the following week for our new Sim - Vicious Island. Watch for notices and landmarks and events - you know there will be good ones, cuz we like to party! Adios Lampir!

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