Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Events From Sunday at Vicious Studios!

Lyly and staff held a wonderful set of events over the weekend and I've got some photos to share! She held both windsurf races as well as jet ski races for $L100 prizes! Everyone had a great time so I'm sure she'll hold them again! Watch your notices!

Capping the events at Hypnoz over the weekend was a great live concert by Mia Maxstead who performed live on stage to a large crowd! Everyone enjoyed the concert and afterwards the awards to those who found all 25 of Cajsa's scavenger hunt were raffled for $L3000 plus the 512 of land award was giving away. We'll have some more pics of that in another post as soon as I have time. That event plus the concert packed the sim! Thanks so much to everyone who attended!

Also Thursday January 24th Lyly and staff are holding a White Out Party! Best in White wins $L300! Party at Vicious Hypnoz 12:30pm SLT.
Message repeats in French.
Demain soir à partir de 21h30 (12.30 pm sl time) RDV @ Vicious-Hypnoz pour une super soirée. Au programme : Soirée blanche avec Contest 300l$ à gagner. DJ FREDG mettra le feu aux platines ! Alors pointez vous tous habillés de blanc et venez gagner 300l$

As promised I've got all our pictures on flickr which you can find HERE!

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