Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Ball Gown Party Recap

The Ball Gown party was held on Friday night at 8pm SLT. We had DJ nlinear pessoa at the helm spinning the tunes and some of the best dressed AVs in all of Second Life I tell you! To celebrate the Grand Opening of Vicious Island, we raffled off gift certificates to Indyra, Loks Low Prim, Coconut Ice and our NEWEST shop on Vicious Island - Zibware. Maht gave us some items for the raffle from his new shop Maht's Mats and Mattes and as always Cajsa and I loaded up the raffle balls with a TON of premium prizes for our guests. (Cajsa is in White - I am in pink).
I think that AVs love to break out their ballgowns, it never fails that if you have something lovely ballgown themed you get good attendance - why is that? Do we all secretly long to have prom dresses on every day? I don't know - but I do know that my own personal ball gown collection is excessive. And I LOVE to wear them. We might do MORE of these.
Dominata Iwish joined us in a lovely burgundy gown! Thanks for coming out Dominata!

I think everyone had a great time - everyone looked great. It was a really fun night and we even had some guests from our Vicious Japan group who normally don't make it to the night time events because of the time difference. Also joining us was Tiana Markova who looked great in the pink hair!

The Vicious danced the night away and unfortunately I had to break out a gun because Vic would NOT stop shooting the guests. Silo just whaps people with his Cane if they get out of line.
Which also works.

It was great to see Rhodesy and Arcadia as always thanks for coming out girls! Plus we had some new comers - Sutcliffe is a new player who joined us. Maht looked marvelous in his tux as always and as usual he provided an inworld spellchecker for us all.
Or course he's in danger of getting orbited if he catches me on the wrong day....

And now - some more party pics. Who can find Furrball?

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