Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vicious Model Contest!

We're running a new modeling contest at Vicious Island and if you think you've spent a good deal of lindens on a really good looking AV, this might be the contest for you!
So let me tell you about it!
We want to use the most beautiful AVs in all of the Vicious World to model for our Couture designers, however, we can't have just ANYONE doing that now can we?
We're having everyone drop Lia Trefoil a photo that includes your AV name - don't send her one that is called SNAPSHOT okay? Cuz I suspect that in our busy Vicious Schedules these sort of entries might just get lost - ahem.
You follow me?
So drop those photos in her inventory and the most beautiful will be chosen to be our Couture models. And - it gets even better.
There will be LINDENS given away to our top three models - $L1000 to the most beautiful AV, $L500 to the first runner up and $L200 to the second runner up.
Do you have what it takes? Is your AV drop dead gorgeous? If so, we want to see your photo - and give you the opportunity to win some lindens plus gain a GREAT Second Life job!
Remember - those entries to go Lia Trefoil and MAKE SURE those snaps are NOT named SNAPSHOT - give them the NAME of your AV!

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