Sunday, January 20, 2008

Todays Events Sunday Jan 20

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you enjoyed Harper's post below about taking care of the Noobs. We are COMPLETELY invested in the concept at Vicious. This is why we offer premium camping rates and good prices in our Vicious Owned Store - Fairy and Mens (we've suggested changing Mens' store name - we'll keep you up to date on that one, sounds like the restroom to me). Anyway - TODAY!
Starting NOW Lyly is hosting JET SKI RACES around Vicious Island so get on your suit and go watch or participate!
At Noon SLT we'll have a live concert by Mia Maxsted at Vicious Hypnoz and we hope that you will ALL come out! After the concert is over, we'll have TWO raffles. ONE is for the folks who found all 25 hidden boxes on the island - the winner gets $L3000! The other is for EVERYONE who is in attendance and we'll give away a FREE 512 Parcel of LAND!

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