Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Party at Vicious Studios - Our Pre-Opening Bikini Party

We had a fun night at our Bikini party on our new Sim - Vicious Island. It was wonderful to see old friends and to meet new ones - thanks to Ad Stork from jumping out of twitter and coming to visit! I picked up a new dance floor just for the party, it has a cool effect.....
It was great to see Monroe and Robdal who came over to bust a move and try to break Maht's Prize winning Mojo.....

Casja and I ran the dual raffle balls again,giving away lots of really premium gifts including a planner kit,an airship,clothes from WRONG, BARE ROSE and COCONUT ICE plus many others.
I've lived on two islands and have lots of bikinis, so I had to change so I could rock more of my bikini wardrobe (both of mine that nght came from Chic Boutique)!
Casja wore a really cute bikini designed by Vogel her BF (Casja I forget his full name....remind me!)
Speaking of Maht, he rocked the bikini in his own way.

Silo however chose to break out the bikini he won at Coconut Ice's lucky chair - WHY can't I ever win anything there DAMMIT? Anyway, here you see him dancing for Vic's Pleasure! Shake it baby!

Yes, that's Vic in a Bikini - next to Rhodesy with her great purple hair.

It was a really fun night and I'm glad to announce that our Grand Opening will be held NEXT weekend. Until them come check out the shops under construction,the maze,plus we've got free wind surfing, free sky diving and free jet skis - just remember that you have to wear your Vicious Island tag to use them. Need a Tag? IM GIDGE URIZA or touch one of the group boards outside Hypnoz or Vicious Fairy. Remember we have groups which send notices in Spanish, English,German Japanese and French. You can only belong to ONE group so pick your primary language!

Look forward to seeing everyone NEXT weekend. We'll be giving away a 512 of land - details to come soon.

Until then, a parting pic of me and Silo shaking it baby!

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