Monday, March 24, 2008

Congratulations Maht and Cajsa

The biggest and only partnering congratulations I have ever given in SL go to our dear friends and fellow Vicious - Maht and Cajsa. (Maht is Vicious by association- he started hanging out at Vicious with Cajsa and never left. We've adopted him.)
It was a private reception at MDR and it was just lovely.
It was nice to be at a lovely event with friends as we all celebrated the SL Partnering that was truly several months in the making.
Good grief, it TOOK you guys long enough.
Possibly one of my favorite moments of the evening was when I had on the dress I arrived in (NOT PICTURED) and Silo said "OMG are you wearing THAT?" and Vic said "GOD ARE YOU NAKED? You look like a white whore!" (He oughta know he used to be a pimp) Okay so first Vic, then Silo (who is actually the only opinion that matters)- lemme 'splain;it was an asian evening gown with slits up the side so I changed it immediately. However when I told Maht, he suggested that White Whore was a great band name.
We worked up all of the plans for this band, including when we sell out and use our music for commercials. We think we'll be like the Everly Brothers and both sing, but we'll be uberhip and you'll be peer pressured into liking us, like the WHITE STRIPES.

Yeah, we're gonna be famous. I'm sure of it.

Congrats Maht and Cajsa! Enjoy the Toaster!

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