Monday, March 3, 2008

Vicious Murder Mystery Suspect #9

The mild mannered Furrball Nirpaw is the only furry who is a regular in the Vicious crew. Beloved by the Vicious and the team over at MDR, Furrball has become a fixture at Vicious Events.

But it's tough being the only furry at an event, even though we at Vicious always welcomed him with open arms, finding connections with his own kind has always been a challenge for him on Vicious Island.

But did he really have to tolerate disrespect from the Vicious, such as Vicente Bolero relieving himself in his litter box? In Vic's defense, he really had to go. And it WAS really impressive....that no hands move.

But you know how cats ARE about their litter boxes.

Was it enough to warrant MURDER?

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