Monday, March 3, 2008

Vicious Murder Mystery Suspect #10

You might be surprised to know that our final suspect is Cajsa Lilliehook.
A lady with a lot of class and style, Cajsa at first seemed a strange fit to hang out with the Vicious Crowd.

It's not that we don't have class and style, it's just that we also like to blow things up and have been known to count pimps, escorts and hitmen among our number and so having someone with an interest in the arts was a strange add.

But, it was a great add the way way it turned out.

Cajsa has become a welcome addition to the Vicious Family and it's her love of what is right and stylish that makes her a fun contributor to our events and our island.

Now, it doesn't mean we always do what she suggests......but it's nice to have solutions that don't involve smoking trashcans. (yes Vic you heard me, SMOKING TRASH CANS DAMMIT).

Cajsa does have some pet peeves that make it hard for her to hang out with us, though.

The fact that we constantly move or tear stuff down wears her out. (Yeah, we do, but we have SL- ADD so leave us alone). She works hard to make beautiful structures or objects - and then Vic'll change his mind and return it after she spent a week building. It's annoying, but it is how he rolls.

And she HATE, HATES the fact that Vic NEVER NEVER NEVER pronounces her name correctly. I mean NEVER. He never never never never never says her name properly. Is that enough reason for her to kill? I mean, women get moody but.....
And you know, I just realized this.....pictured with Vicente at the scene of the crime....who IS that? What is that in her hand? A magnifying glass?

Wait a minute........why was CAJSA as the scene of the crime? Hmmmmm.

So here is the wrap up folks.
10 Suspects, all here on the blog.
16 Boxes - hidden all around Vicious Island.
Pictures of me hiding some of the boxes can be found on Snapzilla.

TOMORROW NIGHT! Vicious Murder Mystery Part at 8pm SLT at Hypnoz on Vicious Island.
You may DROP ME A NOTE CARD (Gidge Uriza) in world to tell me your guess at the Murderer. DO NOT IM ME - I get capped.
Or you may tell me tomorrow at the party - I will accept entries UNTIL 9pm.

If only one person guesses the killer correctly, it is worth $L1000. If MORE than one person guesses correct, we'll do a drawing.

And as always, we will have MANY excellent prizes including some from Coconut Ice and WRONG!

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