Thursday, March 20, 2008

St Patricks Day Recap

We had great turnout for our St Patricks Day MEGA party! We started out the night at 7pm SLT with Maht's Mix Tape, our regular Monday Event. The Newly Partnered Maht was spinning the tunes from the 80s!

Congrats to Maht and Cajsa, we're all so happy for you!
Be sure to stop by Vicious Hypnoz on Mondays at 7pm to catch more of Maht's Mix Tape! You'll find Arcadia and Rhodesy there! (they lose points for not wearing green though - but they're still gorgeous!)

I am beginning to suspect Rhodesy of having a limitless supply of purple hair. I think I need to plan a Purple Haze event and put her to the test! Arcadia and Rhodesy are usually here for Maht's Mix tape event plus other Vicious Events, so come by and say hi to a couple of my favorite girls!

It was great to meet lots of new friends and everyone looked fantastic!
We had some people wander in who asked why were all dressed in green.
I suppose they REALLY wondered why Silo was dressed like this?
I didn't wonder, he's my cupcake!

Shae and Birdie stopped by for the first time and we all hit it off with them immediately.....especially when Shae was a good sport and put on the ladies dress he won! Nicely worn Shae! And Birdie was completely rocking the green boots - she was one of our contest winners that night! Way to go! Shae and his extraordinary fashion sense was another winner - it was a three way tie that night!

I used St Patrick's Day as a fashion experiment......I wondered WHAT I could get for nothing, or NEXT to nothing?
I ended up with four dresses that I paid 1 linden or less for each.
First up....

This is a skin and eyes that I got on ONREZ for $L1 each. The hair is part of a fatpack from Digit Darkes and her brilliant Diversity Hair that I got fora freebie for $L1. The DOWNSIDE to this dress and new skin was A. I didn't check the skin properly for it's NUDE state and B. The dress didn't have glitch pants. I realized this as my glaring black bush was showing (this skin seemed to have a rather hairy bush lol).
Next up was one from Thalia that I also picked up on Onrez, the hair again is another freebie fatpack from Digit Darkes. I like this dress, especially the fact that it CAME with GLITCH PANTS!
The third outfit was from Bubblefish and it's sort of a MEH from me. It's ok. It was free, but I dunno if I'd ever wear it again. The hair is also Diversity Fatpack again, and the flowers in my hair were from DJRobyn Writer who also made many other excellent St Patty's themed items to give away. It was great! This was the only outfit I had where you could St Patty's navel ring - but I'm not all excited about this outfit in general.

The third outfit was hands down the grand prize winner. The hair is from Digit Darkes but it's part of a set I paid good money for it, but the dress was free free free. Niiiice eh? Jewelry is from RiCX. Here is a close up of the skin that I got for $L1 on ONREZ for St Patty's Day. I got a great on on ONREZ for Valentine's day, which was sooo cute. And I also got these shamrock eyes - the pupils are shamrocks. They didn't cost more than $L1.

Cayenne Republic joined us agan and broke out some very unusual Fairy Wings. She was the other winner in our three way tie for the costume contest!

As always Furrball came in fashionable fur.

Our new friend Boopzee decided to break out some Alien Style and she and Silo cut quite the rug for a while. We do not descriminate against the Cupcake and Alien couples who come to Hypnoz, just in case this fits YOU!

As always Cajsa and I were thrilled to see EVERYONE who attended and looked forward to seeing everyone at our next events - BAD DEMO HAIR NIGHT and our EASTER PARTY - on EASTER EVE! See you there!

As always, I will post these and ALL pictures on Flickr - so go check them out!

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