Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who Killed Vicente Bolero - REVEALED

Okay so we had some EXCELLENT guesses and I am SO BLOWN away by ALL the entries we got that everyone will be receiving a special gift from me, just for playing. (I do mean the people who turned in an answer). We had THREE guesses that were correct, DJRobyn Writer, Boran Horan and Sable Heartsdale. Since we had a tie - we drew for the winner of the $L1000! Congrats to DJRobyn Writer for winning.

But since only two other people got it right, I think that both of you should expect a little something cool coming to you from me, as a thank you for playing and a congrats for getting it right.

I think what freaks me out most is that Boran Horan got it right before I even got the killer's profile on the blog as a suspect. So Boran Horan - whose alt ARE you? Kidding kidding kidding.

Well the night was excellent, we had several folks come by including some new friends like Pixel Breda and we were glad to see all of you.

Since I had such good response from all you lovely AVs out there, I'm even going to send out consolation presents off OnRez or SLX to all of you, to watch for inventory offers. The ones from SLX will be identified but you know, OnRez never tells you who something is from. Anyway, if you get some random nice present - it's from The Vicious!
Now, who WAS the killer?
Well, it might not have been who you thought, but it was the mild mannered SILO URIZA.
We fixed him though, and held and execution right on the stage of HYPNOZ.

Of course like every execution, we had protesters.

I got a lot of great pictures from the evening, and they'll all be up on Flickr in a day or two. Also Harper Gainesvoort from AROUND THE GRID WITH HARPER contributed some excellent shots, so I'll post hers over there too!
Everyone looked great and thanks for coming out! See you all on Saturday night at the Pirates of Vicious Island Party!
And super thanks to Cajsa for the excellent signs and help with the event as always, she rules!

And is it JUST me or do these two, Phrost and Furrball, look like they are getting ready to dine on what is left of Silo's corpse?

Just wondering.

Thanks for playing everyone!

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