Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vicious Murder Mystery Suspect #4 Queen Tureaud

Once upon a time, back when I started joined SL, it was all Queen and Vic, all the time.

It was sort of annoying, but they were the stable power couple in the Vicious Group, revoltingly lovey dovey at all times and gooshing the I Love Yous and subjecting all of us to the "look what I bought him/her" nonstop.
Queen lived in a Castle as her name implies she should, for a time I lived there with her. And it didn't take too long to realize that despite being enamored of Queen, Vic continued to hit it with everything that moved. Personally training the Vicious Girls (these were his escorts he owned) in his B and D skybox, running a team of SL Hit Men, it kept the guy busy. And in the circle of friends that was as tightknit as a family on the Isle of Eden, trouble began to brew. Queen was left alone too much, and then Vic was being left alone too much because Queen began to consider an affair with her business partner TMW. (Who most of us thought was an asshat.) TMW made more and more time for her, assuring her she really WAS the only one.

The tension grew and grew between them and no one really knows WHAT it was that was the straw that drove her to break Vicente's only rule (total fidelity required from his female companions). Possibly it was the fact that only hours after giving her a special "Romance" Sky box filled with romantic poses and more cuddles than you can shake a stick at and PROMISING it was for them only he was entertaining others up there.
(Can't tell you who told, I just know she found out....the island was FULL of people with radar and scanners which Vic advised them to buy - so no wonder these things backfired against him.)
The perfect SL love exploded and the blast tore apart the friendships that had been so close. Lines were drawn in the sand and I alone stood with Vic (my position was, she knew the rules, he gets to screw around she doens't - she shouldn't have been in the relationship if she couldn't handle it).

And then Queen began to beg him to take her back. High and low. Publicly, privately, allowing any humiliation.....but professing that she was just lonely,made a mistake and her willingness to do anything to show him that he was her true SL love.

And Vic blew her off. He told her she meant nothing to him.

Then he went on about his Second Life.

And here we are.

But she's not bitter any more. I'm sure.

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