Sunday, March 16, 2008

Et Tu Brute? Toga Party!

We celebrated the assasination of Caesar in style with a Toga Party at Vicious Hypnoz. I'm not sure that is is completely appropriate, celebrating someone's assasination, but clearly I was not the only one who thought of it based on the number of Toga parties on the SL calendar. I actually had TWO on my social schedule yesterday, and started my night off at a Concierge event that Vic asked me to go to, to represent Vicious Island. It was on a beautiful Sim with tons of landscaping and Greco- Roman architecture.
But you know the problem I always have on those Sims? It's that if everything isn't rezzed properly, and you don't KNOW you aren't walking on the path then you fall into a cave or get stuck in a rockface wall and spend five minutes trying to get out? Is that just me? It was beautiful and I picked up a goodie bag which I haven't opened yet. Can't wait to check it out, though!
Everyone came in excellent Roman Style to the party at Hypnoz.

Rhodesy and Arcadia were fashionistas as ALWAYS and much congratulations to Arcadia whose Cleopatra costume won her the $L500 prize.
As always it was great to see Boran Horan, and Sable brought newcomer Devarow Thor to party with the Vicious.
With DJRobyn Writer spinning the tunes we had a great turnout of Friends, Romans and Countrymen. (You knew I had to say it). I do have to say I LOVED Boopzee's toga- notice the CENSORED bar over the boobie? Hilarious! She had modded a male toga and it was, ahem, more revealing than she cared for. Oh and that Centurion is Necrophage - out of his STORMTROOPER gear, can you believe it?
Vicious Model and friend Eleanor Enoch came by rocking a completely hot modern toga look. I had looked at this one a couple of times, so I'm glad I didn't get it or we'd have been twins!

How cute is she? I think she recently got a new skin, which I'm totally loving.

Excellent look Eleanor!

Joining us as always in high fashion was Maht who had a great Centurion costume. Should I have reminded him that the Legion wasn't allowed inside the gates of Rome?
Probably not with that Tattoo on MY back......pot - meet Kettle.
I was totally digging the tattoo all night, it cracked me up. I kept telling people I earned it "The Hard Way."
A close up of the Tattoo.
DJRobyn had some of my favorite hair of the night (that wasn't mine. I bought some scripted hair which I swear is going to be another blog post completely). And all in all I was delighted with all of the fun togas people showed up in.
Silo rocked the toga in his robot way.
We had a great time with everyone and I hope you enjoyed your prizes. I hope to see all of you at the St Patty's party which starts at 7pm with Maht's Mix Tape where he'll be spinning the 80s - and then at 9 DJRobyn Writer takes over with all your St Patty's requests all night.

Oh Danny Boy........the Pipes the Pipes are Callin.........
And then TUESDAY night drag out that BAD DEMO HAIR and wear it to Vicious Hypnoz for our BAD DEMO HAIR PARTY!

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