Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vicious Murder Mystery Clue #2

Oh the suspects, they do pile up don't they? So many people with a reason to Kill Vic - it's hard to sort them all out really.

Alice07 Barzane might seem like an unusual choice of suspect. Everyone loves Alice. So sweet, so loved by everyone.
But you have to ask yourself, how sweet can she REALLY be? As a bar owner, can she truly be this innocent and kind?
More importantly, there is probably an important clue in one of these pictures.
Remember, clues and hints will be found on this blog, on Vicious Island in little red boxes (VERY LITTLE RED BOXES), on Snapzilla (search Gidge Uriza OR Vicious Murder Mystery), and Twitter - our Twitter Handle is ViciousStudios.

I'll be adding more boxes throughout the day every check the island. If it were me, and I'm just saying IF - I'd put VICIOUS in the SL Search Directory and start hunting in the places with the lowest traffic numbers.

I'm just saying, if it was ME!

Remember - FAIRY BALL TONIGHT! Murder Mystery Party on Tuesday March 4 at 8pm SLT!

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Anonymous said...

Very little red boxes, indeed! Stay sharp, mystery lovers!!