Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grand Opening of MDR Studios - New Location!

MDR Studios held their GRAND OPENING of their NEW location on Koh Nana Island Last night. It was a Greek and Roman Gods theme. Silo and I can't read, so we thought it was Greek or Eqyptian Gods. So, we dressed accordingly.
Yeah that is Anubis (Silo) with 3D Glasses on. Pretty cool, eh?
I wasn't able to get a lot of snaps because I was on a slower PC but it was a great night, their new location is lovely.
I told Maht I wasn't sure that purple hair was legion issue.
Cajsa had on the most Gorgeous Toga also.
I'm not sure where she got it. I got my entire outfit on ONREZ though and after having SHOPPPED both in world and out of world for Egyptian Costumes I'd like to say OH SHIT that stuff is too high. I mean it's really detailed and beautiful, maybe if you were role playing it would make more sense.
But I love what I found on ONREZ - so I thought I'd share the links if you are looking for an Egyptian Costume in Second Life. This dress was called NILE PRINCESS and includes complete outfit except the hair. Shoes, the whole works. It was realyl nice, an only $L229! This is the hair I picked up. Much more appropriate for a party dress, vs. a role playing dress which would make sense to be an investment.
The designer of my dress also had a great price on a male Pharoah Costume. So check it out if you are in need!
If wouldn't be a night with our friends in SL if Furrball and Silo didn't cut the rug at some point!

Furrball was a lucky kitty and won a $L1000 photo session with Cajsa at the MDR studios. Lucky lucky lucky. Now he just has to decide which kitty AV he is going to wear!
I guess the fun of going out on a date with Anubis is having an Egyptian God play a little grab-ass with you. Those are some BIG hands, aren't they?
Congrats to all our friends at MDR for their great new Location for the MDR photo studios!
It's a great location and beautiful studio! I know you guys will have a lot of success there!

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