Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vicious Murder Mystery Suspect #7

Vicente Bolero was put off by this sweet Neko girl the first time he tried talking with her?
Perhaps that is because she wasn’t accustomed to being ordered about, and visions of what she might try to do to him flashed through his mind.

As we all know, Vic is a real man who would never tolerate this sort of treatment from a woman.

And DJRobyn is known to cage, poke, paddle and flog her subjects, laughing in glee all the while. Clearly, this was not a match made in heaven.

This Dominatrix became a friend of Vicious quite quickly.
Vicente gave her housing on the new Island even.

Yet, two days later he evicted her to make room for some other female.

And DJRobyn did not take it lightly, oh no. Although she accepted a generous deal on land on another Sim, her rancor continued at having been evicted off the beautiful Vicious Island.

So the question you have to ask yourself is this, could this blood be Vicious Vic’s? Did DJRobyn Writer finally take the step to free womankind from this womanizer?

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