Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vicious Murder Mystery Suspect #3

Our latest suspect is none other than Sable Heartsdale.

Sable is a relatively new Vicious Friend but has been continually frustrated by Vic's continued increasing of the camping rates at random times in the middle of the night. She'd like to cash in on the great lindens to be earned, but no matter how much she asks - he refuses to do the better camping rates at times that might benefit her!
Her recent acquisition of a giant purple flesh eating plant probably has nothing to do with the recent demise of Senor Bolero. Or does it?
Search Vicious Island for little red boxes containing clues to the Killer's Identity! Also make sure to check Snapzilla to see if you can find where I've hidden the boxes! You never know WHERE they will show up.
Don't forget tonight is the FAIRY BALL at 9pm SLT!

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