Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Ever Have a Bad Hair (Demo) Day?"

Well, a lot of the folks at the party in Hypnoz did last night. Here are some photos I took from the shindig:

1. Looks like Silo Uriza was really having a bad hair day!
2. Rhodesy Durant in just one of the styles she showed us. I was lucky to get this; every time I set up for a shot, Rhodesy suddenly slapped on another demo wig, and she'd ruth out on me for a few minutes (grin).
3. Maht Wuyts and Furrball Nirpaw do a tango together.

4. Myself, in a demo from I don't remember where. I entered the contest, but I had no real hope of winning; the only bad thing about this hair was the bangs right across my eyes.
5. I was dancing most of the night beside the house DJ, Robyn Writer. I don't know who won the contest, as I had to leave to get to the darkroom (grin); but I'd say Robyn should have got the prize.

6. Boopzee Slade channels Marilyn Monroe -- from the neck down.
7. Casja Lilliehook with what looks like some curious ornament in her hair.
8. The house's hostess w/ the mostest (for the night, at least), Gidge Uriza, doing a Hillbilly Helen thing from Sinsation.
9. kevin Bloch actually looked pretty good!

10. miwo Varriale gets down.
11. Sable Heartsdale in some sort of cornrow affair, I think.

Gidge will fill you in on more details and the winner of the night.

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